Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the bestest

So, my best friend Brittany and I decided that despite my moving thousands of miles away from her, we would not lose our friendship. Luckily our two men are practically more in best friend love (when they are around each other) than she and I are. This is to our benefit because we devised a plan that we would try to go on vacation every year or every other year... and this is how we would stay "bestest friends".

So, last summer we went to Cancun, Mexico and had about as much fun as you can have, but this year Jake and I already had SEVERAL mini vacations planned not counting our destination wedding in Antigua. But I convinced Britt to believe that San Diego (where we live) is a vacation spot in and of itself and luckily she bought it and said this could count for vacation 08. She loved San Diego, I had her about 50% convinced to move here and the trip was a success. Here is a photo montage of all the fun we had. Sorry there isn't more variety, we had too much fun to take photos!


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