Thursday, July 17, 2008

The clock is ticking.

So I am pretty much completely busy for the next... as long as I can remember.

Today, I have to pack for Minnesota (this includes getting the suitcases, down from the storage- of which the password combo I cannot open unless I mess with it for at least 20 minutes...literally.)

Then I have nanny this afternoon. Then I have a friend coming in from Texas for a vacation, but since I will be gone this weekend, we are going out tonight.

And then I have to wake up at the crack of crack (4am). To be on my 6 am flight to Minnesota so that we can cram as much as possible into 64 hours with our family. Which is actually kind of fun.

Then next week my best friend is coming to town on Wednesday, but before that happens I have to grocery shop, clean the house like a crazy person (deep clean).

Have a group of girl's over for a Tuesday dinner I already said I would host, because Jake has duty.

And bake Brittany's birthday dessert because she's coming for her birthday. Oh and I forgot to mention I am nannying all three of these days as well.

And then I get to cram as much into like 108 hours as possible because she's only here for a few days. And then I get to rest....

The question is why am I blogging instead of packing, working out, getting ready for the day??? Because it sounds like more fun, that's why!


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