Monday, August 25, 2008

the final stretch

ok so i know i posted 3 blogs tonight... like i said i had a busy weekend. it's not cheating if you make them all separate blogs and pretend like you posted them along the way right??? well tonight is it, my last night of freedom. i finally got a boat load of emails from my teaching professors and to my horror, i think i am going to be having 12 hour days sometimes. not everyday, but at least two days a week I have class til 10 pm. that's right I said it 10 pm.... but God's grace is enough for me!!! right??? well, at least that's what i keep telling myself. so, i did the absolute best thing possible today.....NOTHING. well after going to the grocery store and cleaning up from my wild party and getting my hair trimmed I did nothing. but really i did layout by the pool and put my pj's on at 5 o'clock... not a bad way to spend my last night of freedom.

so, if i don't post for awhile, just remember i posted 3 times this weekend, technically 3 tonight, but we are still pretending i awesomely posted along the way!!! remember? :)

and we all know that nothing exciting happens at school, i mean who really wants to read blogs about school??? but i'll let you know, because according to my email i am student teaching as of next tuesday (SCARY!) so maybe i'll have some stories.

much love. much love!!


La said...

i'm so tired and having nothing really great to say. just wanted to say love ya and hope school is great so far! the police hat looked great on you too. ;)

Rebecca said...

You look great in those pictures and it looks like you had a great party. You deserved a whole day to do nothing with your upcoming schedule. I know you will do great in your classes! I am sure Jake will help out with cooking dinner and foot massages after a long day, right? :)

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