Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apple Pies and Friends

So, I first have to address that I survived the attack of the wild children's cold, but not before it turned into a deep barking cough last weekend. Luckily, a bottle of Mucinex helped me get through that. And currently I have just the tiniest remains of a little cough, but I feel much better.
However, in the meantime I have done lots of things. I have now taught several subjects at school. Jake and I dogsat for friends for 5 days last week. And last weekend I convinced Jake to go to Julian (a tiny town outside of San Diego known for apple picking, pies, and other types of "fallish" things). To say the least Jake did not really want to go, even though we were going with two of our closest friends, but when Jake got their and realized there was a candy store on every corner, he quickly changed his mind. And since he has actually already mentioned our next trip to Julian.
Before we left we went into an old fashioned Soda Fountain place, where I "did myself in" with way too sweet vanilla soda and a glass of sasparilla (mind you this was after I had eaten caramel apple pecan pie and visited several candy stores).
But regardless it was LOTS of fun!!!


Rebecca said...

MMMM ... candy. Yum - we would definitely have gone with you. Hey, if we move out there this Spring, you and Jake will have to take us there! You look great in those pics too - what a cute couple!

Hunter and Nancy said...

So glad to hear you are enjoying time together doing fun things. Sometimes we clever women just have to "pull" those men of ours out the door and into having some excitement other than video games or backgammon!! Good job!! We will look forward to exploring that little city when we visit next spring!!

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