Sunday, September 14, 2008

burning swollenness

So, it's already happened I've caught the bug.
No, not the baby bug. The little sick bug that kids pass back and forth, back and forth at school.
I was student teaching only through Wednesday (that's my new schedule Mon-Wed) and I woke up Friday morning with that terrible burning sensation in your throat that alerts you that sickness is up ahead. So, I have been trying to kill it for two days now with double daily doses of Airborne and vitamins and vitamin C and then throat numbing drops and Advil to take the ache in my throat away... So I'm not sure what it's gonna turn into or if it's possible thatI might have beaten it with all my herbs, but we will see. Tomorrow will probably tell. And honestly I can deal with a stuffy nose or even a cough, but that fire in your throat, just hurts and makes you want to cry.
Not to mention that I worked out really hard Thursday and Friday to make up for not working out for like the 10 days before that and I am sore all over now.

I will be glad when my body has adjusted to all this newness. But for now, I am off to try to catch some zzz's.

Yes, yes pictures are still to come.


Rebecca said...

Hope you are feeling better today! I usually take airborne too when I wake up with a sore throat so let's hope it pulls through for you this time.

Hunter and Nancy said...

Didn't know you were not feeling well when I called today. Hope you are on the mend!! I remember coming home with a number of germs when I first starting teaching but your immunity will grow and you will be able to fend them off soon!So take heart and hang in there! Gets lots of sleep, drink lots of liquids, and all that "motherly" advice!!

Rebecca said...

Referring to the diapers when we are out (hiking etc), tell him yes, it is sorta like a dog poop bag, ha. We have a specific "wet bag" (which is also cute - green and yellow swirls) we carry in his diaper bag that you put the poopy diaper in. It contains the odors so when you get home you rinse both out and put them in the laundry load.

TEll him I am convincing Brooke... .and you're next! HA

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