Friday, October 24, 2008

I almost forgot....

After all the fun we had in Chicago... I forgot to tell you that they lost our luggage. Mind you, we got there Friday afternoon for a formal event on Friday evening and then the wedding on Saturday evening. This was of course the WORST possible trip for them to lose our luggage on. So, of course I am freaking out... so we go to customer service and the "best possible thing" in this "worse case scenario" has luckily happened. For whatever reason they didn't load our luggage on our flight, but they realized it and put it on another flight out. So, it was already in process when we went to talk to her.
So, we get up to the counter and I am explaining that I HAVE to have my luggage TONIGHT, no questions asked. I am only here for 2 days and I am not going to go without luggage for one of them. So, like I mentioned before she tells us that our luggage is in passage... And then she says, "ok so when it gets here- within a window of 4 to 6 we will bring it to you". This is at 3 and the luggage is going to get here at 5:30 and then it's gonna take 4 to 6 hours. NOT! So, of course Jake and I wasted our first afternoon in the airport in Chicago waiting for our luggage, so we'd have something to wear to the party. I was so bummed we left @ 4 am only to have a long flight with a layover and then MORE WAITING. As soon as we got our luggage we sped to the Drake Hotel and then got ready in a whirlwind for the party at 8. I captured a moment on video, while we were waiting... Please don't be offended at Jake's commentary.


Rebecca said...

I believe you handled that situation better than I would have. Nice work on the video, entertaining!

La said...

I had that happen once when I flew in from Denver back to Dallas. I had the kids with me and couldn't drive on home to San Angelo because I had to wait for our luggage. It didn't come until almost midnight! Grrrrr!!! I was just glad it wasn't lost.

I would have been totally bummed about wasting a day too. It would have put me in one freakin' bad mood!

Btw, I forgot to answer your question about my camera - it's a Sony Cybershot. It's pretty nice and does some cool stuff, but I really want a Nikon D80. Maybe for Christmas. =)

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