Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Search for A Dress

This blog is literally like 2 weeks old, I just have not had time to upload my photos and talk about it, so here we go.
Jake and I last weekend went to the million dollar wedding of some of our friends. The affair was extremely formal and long dresses were the requested attire. Even though I have been a bridesmaid 7 times, Jake quickly shot down all the formal dresses I had but one, and I am not lying. The one he still liked I wore to freshman prom. Shows how much I've changed right! :) Ha, so anyway, Jake had rented a tux and SHOCKINGLY suggested maybe we go look for a dress for me too. So, we went to BCBG (a very upscale clothing store, that has tons of dresses usually in like the $300 dollar range). But amazingly we have the outlet version 30 min from our house. So, Jake and I made an afternoon of it. I first I started out with the pretty $50 and $80 dollar dresses, but Jake was like "what the heck babe", we're never going to a wedding like this again. Let's look at some of the really nice dresses. After this he was bringing me dresses by the armloads to try on. I tried on like 20, but only took pictures of a few. Of course the dress I chose was the LAST dressed I tried on, and it was perfect. I will post pictures of me actually wearing it at the wedding later. :) So, here is the search for a dress.

This first one is the dress from the freshman prom, the one I was planning to wear. :) The rest are at BCBG

This was the dress I finally picked. I loved it! I know I'm not looking to hot in these pics, but I didn't expect to be taking pictures either. :)

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Rebecca said...

OOH that looked like so much fun and way to go Jake in spoiling her, she deserves it!!

Did I mention you look beautiful in each one?! So you didn't post the picture of the actual dress yet, right?

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