Monday, November 17, 2008

Crabby Birthday

Let me just preface this by saying I am exhausted. In the classroom I am now teaching for the whole day, we have parent teacher conferences this week. I have 3 of the most monstrous final projects due that you can imagine (Dec 1). And we are off for a whole week for Thanksgiving. This would be good, except I am going out of town for 8 days without Jake and the Monday/Wednesday after I get back my projects are due (which means I am supposed to find some time while I'm out of town to finish them all up). Did I mention that I actually need to be interacting with my students predominantly to actually complete the projects? And did I mention that since we have Parent/Teacher Conf. that I don't have any extra time to work with the students in the day and that I am leaving on Thursday?
Not to mention it was my birthday weekend, so I did absolutely NOTHING related to my projects on Sunday. I was really good on Saturday and did homework for like 5+ hours. Now, I just need to have a few more of those days and maybe I'll catch up. We'll see how well I fit in all those homework hours on my vacation.

However, on a sweeter note. I went out Friday night for my birthday (after doing several hours of homework before we left, see I'm trying to be good) :) and we went to the place I posted about in my last post.
We really had such a fun time!!! Here are just a few pics. I don't have time to post more.

They gave me this embarrassing hat to wear for like half our meal and of course keep. This was my "crabby birthday".

(Warning: this is not the most exciting video, but it does show the remains of our meal.)


Hunter and Nancy said...

Loved the video! Can't wait to visit that "joint" with you and Jake when we visit next spring. Hang in there with school. You will do a great job. Some day soon you will have your own classroom and be loving it!!

La said...

I'm getting a little crabby myself waiting for your next post. ;) Wish we could hang out....

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