Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bachelor Island

So, there was a downside to having 5 weeks off of school during winter break. The downside was that I started watching The Bachelor, American Idol and Lost in their actual time slots, not some time later, or on the internet. Not to mention that since I had SO much free time, I started watching a zillion other random TV shows that I don't need to watch. During the break Jake and I got cable as some of you know from my previous post. So, now that my schedule is crazy busy and I don't get home till like 7 every night, I obviously don't have time for all these shows I added to my personal TV agenda during the break. Last semester when my schedule got really busy, the only show I kept watching was Lost because it was just too crazy to try to keep up with all the other ones. BUT that was before I had cable and that was before I had TiVo and with TiVo comes fast forward. So, here I am trying to cram as many shows as I can during a two hour time slot by fast forwarding out all the boring parts. I wonder how long this little hobby will last. Hopefully not too long, with the exception of Lost of course. :)


Rebecca said...

Ha, that is funny! Good post and I can relate. I try to cram as much LOST (I am catching up via the internet, still on season 3) during Christian's naptime or after he goes to bed when I am not cleaning/dishes etc. I also catch pieces of Idol or other random shows while Christian is running around the house.. but I agree, Lost is worth the time (as is Desperate Housewives and the Office).

Hunter and Nancy said...

I found TiVo quite fun when I lived with Rebecca and Christian last year but I don't really miss it now that we are living in the RV. Without cable and often without any TV I read more and have to find other things to do, although I do look up ER on the internet whenever I can get a good connection & try to watch American Idol, even if it is poor reception! Ha! We all have our favorites!!

La said...

I LOVE our DVR and once you have it, you can't go back. I can't stand to watch commercials now either since I never ever watch anything in real time.

Yea for LOST!!!

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