Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why I love Danny Gokey??

So, I had an absolutely indulgent night of television via TiVo. Jake and I watched all of Biggest Loser (one of our fav shows for quite some time). Jake says some kind of mean things about the people (that I won't incriminate him by repeating), but every Tuesday he says, "baby, guess what today is?" So, I know he really loves the show. And I love the show, because I love shows that give people hope and transform their lives and it's just a good reminder of what I never want to be like, you know what I mean- because all it does is bring you agony.

But no my binge didn't stop there. It also included 3 episodes of American Idol (last week's and today's). And I have to say, I think I have watching Idol on TiVo down to a science. Each singer (that I like) gets watched for their singing ONLY, now all the singers get watched cause we're at the end. Then I fast forward and watch only Simon's comments, cause I agree with him most. Unless it was a special performance and maybe I watch more and this can be done in like 12 minutes. Then I watch the kickoff show in like 5 minutes. As in the last 5 minutes, when the only thing I actually care about takes place. And then I'm done. So, I was watching last week, which was a tribute to the Rat Pack and the good ole' days and Danny was so amazing, and the judges agreed. Sometimes I think that Adam may be more talented, but he's so self-indulgent it's hard to love him.
So, since AI is like crazy about not letting anyone post anything live from their show unless you buy it on iTunes. I couldn't get the exact video of Rat Pack week, but you can hear the feed attached. Jamie Foxx was the guest and this is why I love Danny Gokey.


Hunter and Nancy said...

Thanks for the link to American Idol finalists. I miss that show. We can't get it "up in the hills"! I,too, like Danny. You'll have to keep me informed as the season ends. When is the final night?

Bridget said...

thank you for taking the time to comment and let me know that! I'll check it out:) One reason for cloth is they are cute haha

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