Friday, July 3, 2009

I forgot to tell you.....

Jesus is my boyfriend!!!

HA! Just kidding. Several years ago when I was college it was really cool to say Jesus is my boyfriend, I don't even totally remember why. I think it was, if you didn't have one then it didn't matter cause you had Jesus or something like that.
Well my best friend Britt (who lives in TX) one time posted a great blog about how being single can leave you feeling incomplete, as we are obviously made for companionship, but she ended it with saying to all those girls who say "Jesus is my boyfriend" " I hope I don't ever get that desperate"... And from then on it was always a nice little joke for us.
No shame to anyone that used the phrase, I think her point was simply yes being content in God, but let's also know that in the end since we are created for companionship and she was looking for a real boyfriend. And luckily she's had a really great one for a long time, who I expect to pop the question anyday.
But in the meantime, I actually found myself kissing Jesus last week.
I hope that's not too sacreligious. It's just for the drama I wrote and directed for Camp Rock (VBS), Jake happened to be playing Jesus. No shame there right?
Well, here's a few pics and if you want you can watch it on youtube as well. But remember it was written for elementary aged children, so don't expect too much. There are two videos, one leads to the other, if you are REALLY bored.

P.S. I added to my makeup post, with the results.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for a) taking those photos and b) the video!!! Ha ha ha, Steve and I had a good laugh at him this evening as we watched the videos. Great props and drama girl - looks like the kids loved it! You are going to be a great teacher..

Hunter and Nancy said...

Loved the videos! You take after your mother-in-law in loving drama and working with kids: Big and Small! Good work! Thanks for sharing.

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