Sunday, August 16, 2009


So, today Jake has duty, and I'm supposed to be writing cover letters and getting things done because principals go back to school tomorrow, but somehow for the last two hours INSTEAD I've been messing with my blog. Ask me if that was a productive way to spend my time? (I categorized all my blog posts by topic, that was fun.) But, I'll answer. No, it wasn't, but there's no going back now. So, as you can see I've chosen this lovely black paisley, but not before I chose about 5 teacher backgrounds with ABC's and 123's on them. I was trying to be festive and getting in the right mindset for getting a job, but it didn't work instead it just made me nauseous because they were so cheesy looking. So, here we have it folks, the new and improved, just some words...
For now, I'm gonna be good and get offline. :)


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