Sunday, August 23, 2009


I've occasionally mentioned on my blog before that I like to read. I have always been a bookworm (fiction only), not to say I don't try to read nonfiction, I do. It's just that is usually takes me like 6 months to finish any one book and I can read most fiction much faster (like a week or a day or sometimes a few hours). This summer I have read over 20 some books and not because I sit around reading all day, it's rather because I stay up all night reading. It's exactly the same as when I was a kid. In that regard I haven't changed at all. I love to read at night. I'm so bad about it. It will be 10:30 and I will think to myself, "I'll just crawl in bed and read for a few" and 2 hours later, I am FORCING myself to close the book, not tired at all because reading makes me completely engaged and not sleepy, but I love it. Anyway, I titled this post with obsession because last January over my winter break I read this

entire series in a week's time. Not to mention all of the books are over 500 pages. I was obsessed and I loved every minute of it, not wanting the story to end.
So, this is August not January, you may be thinking. Why am I blogging about this now?
Well, my loving husband rereads books over and over. Not something I do at all. However, this particular series was drawing me back to itself as it sat longingly on my bookshelf. Not to mention this particular character's

beautiful image in my mind. (Don't worry my husband knows, he also knows he's a character that a love obsessed woman wrote, so I don't think he feel too threatened.)
However, as summer was coming to and end and of course the second movie in the series is coming to theatre this fall. I couldn't stop myself. I had to read them again. And guess what? While I just started reading some time last weekend...I'm already half way through the last book. And all week long I was busy going to schools and looking for jobs, I wasn't just sitting around reading. But every night, I had a date. It was calling me. I didn't even care if my husband played video games this week. So, I just had to tell you, even the second time around they are so good. I skimmed a few pages on the second book because of some unfortunate events I already knew the outcome of. But everywhere else I read every single word and loved it. So, there you have it. The cats out of the bag. I'm obsessed and I don't care who knows. :)
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