Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love and Respect

Jake and I went to a Love and Respect Marriage Conference this weekend. It was really interesting and funny. The message is based on Eph 5:33 and delves into how all women need love and all men need respect. Which is a really debated topic because woman expect love, but say respect is earned. And it talked a lot about how for men respect isn't necessarily what we think it is, but it is what men need to feel validated and right with their woman. Jake said he really resonated with it all. Check out the link of the couple who runs it. However, we concluded that we really don't have a of the issues being discussed that most people seemed to assimilate with (like the crazy cycle). So, we just joked that we're doing preventative maintenance for a later date. It was held at our church, but people came from all over. Luckily, we attended with a couple friend, so we got to hang out with them all weekend and talk about what was being discussed. All in all if you ever get the chance to attend one, we recommend you DO!

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Hunter and Nancy said...

Dad and I did a similar marriage conference years ago and felt it was definately time well spent! Glad you two could do that together!

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