Friday, October 16, 2009

the crazy life

I told Jake yesterday. "I know I'm good at my job. The students like me and I'm a natural teacher, BUT, but the kids drive me nuts". "Do you think all teachers feel this way?" He said, " Babe I think that's something you should find out cause you have like 25 years left to go." I said, "It seems that way from the way they talk in the lunchroom, but does that mean all teachers are partially nuts for their entire career?"
So, here's to one month down and 25 crazy years left to go!

Thoughts People???

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Hunter and Nancy said...

Here's advice from your "retired teacher" mother-in-law:
Look at each child as an opportunity to reflect Jesus. Remember, you can have a huge influence as to who they become "down the road". And yes, there are days they will drive you "nuts" but that is part of the job. Relax a little with them and just have fun. Don't try to be a perfectionist-that will only burn you out. Instead, ask Jesus to show you one child to minister to each day. Also, you might consider trying to get a permanent position in the upper elementary ages, at least for me it "helped" when I could actually reason with the kids.
Hang in there! God can use you in the classroom!
P.S. I found teaching in a Christian school environment MUCH easier and more enjoyable-but the salary amounts to "minimum wage"!

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