Thursday, November 26, 2009

our little guy

I forgot to tell you that Jake and I decided to expand our family a little while back.
(No, we didn't adopt another cat). We adopted a little boy from Tanzania, Africa.
Meet Khamis Benard John

No, he's not living in our house (though I wouldn't be totally opposed to it). He's living with his 4 brothers and sister at home. However, through Compassion International we are now part of his family too.

Nothing like Thanksgiving to make you thankful for what you have... and even more thankful that you have something to share.

Love to all!


Rebecca said...

We love participating with Compassion International too and we are glad to hear that you guys have a child. The letters back and forth are such a great personal touch. :) Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

Hunter and Nancy said...

I just read your note to Jane Ann and Ron and they are thrilled. When you come here to visit them you can maybe arrange to visit him. Tomorrow we are going to eat at a local African's home and Monday and Tuesday we go on our safari. It is an amazing country and Jane Ann and Ron are excited to have you visit them in the future.

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