Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 09'

So, about one hour into my arrival in Dallas. I realized I forgot my camera. :( ME? I never forget my camera, but I did. So, I'm going to steal a few photos from my mom to sum up what happened.

It all started with us arriving on Sunday only to be bombarded by a huge family gathering within just a few hours of arriving.

But all the while these 2 brothers had really been scheming a plan for the other Stall family to make a visit to Dallas.

So, in the midst of that large family gathering my husband abandoned me for what felt like hours without explanation only to arrive back with this little guy.

Jake also for the first time didn't act as if the baby was made of glass.

We then had many good times, including a wild christmas cookie party...

Which resulted in this mess (from my husband). The 20 pretty cookies I decorated did not make my mother's facebook album. Jake decorated 2 and they both made the album, please explain that mother when you get a chance....

Texas also got it's first white Christmas in like 80 years while we visited. And the day before it snowed it was 75 degrees (I think that could only happen in TX). So, Christmas day we got to make one of these.

We then spent lots of time with fabulous friends, though I have no pictures to prove it. So, I stole one other photo from my good friend Misty. (AND IF ANY OF MY OTHER FRIENDS OR FAMILY WOULD HAVE POSTED THEIR PHOTOS IN A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME, I WOULD HAVE MORE PHOTOS, BUT I DON'T...) (hint, hint Brooke!)

And one photo for the road... Jake wanted it to be known, that THIS also only happens in Texas!

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La said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! I'm sure your cookies were much lovelier. And I noticed your boots - yes, you're cute! Love it!

BTW, if you want some more snow, come visit me. We've got a crapload of it here!

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