Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I finally attached my camera to my computer and WOOPS, did I miss a few blog posts I meant to write about, so here goes. Better late than never.

As a child my church celebrated Operation Christmas Child a program with Samaritan's Purse that gives a shoebox full of stuff to kids in 3rd world areas.
So, this Christmas Jake and I had already given to our local homeless shelter and he wanted to give a slew of toys to something and was talking about Toys for Tots or something of the like. And here's the deal. I know that there are people in need in America, but I also know that most of those kids truly do not know "need" like so many others around the world.
The types of families that toys go to here in San Diego are low income (below the poverty line) kids, like kids I teach. And while I'm sure they may have gone without once or twice in their life, most of them without fail ALWAYS have the newest Hannah Montana backpack and folders and sometimes cell phones. Not to mention I KNOW they get free breakfast and lunch at school.

So, I told Jake nah I don't want to give to that. I'm going to look up some information about this thing I used to do years ago called Operation Christmas Child. While it's not WIDELY supported in San Diego. We had to drive 30 minutes for a drop-off location. I know that the kids getting the shoe boxes really may have nothing, and when you get the box you also get the gospel. So, Jake and I had a blast at the dollar store and Walmart and filled up 10 boxes. I took a few photos so you could join in the fun!

Toothbrush and candy- the perfect combo!

The cats were stalking all the new toys. Emily confiscated a rhino animal and was about to shake it to shreads before we caught her. Apparently, they like the dollar store too.


Rebecca said...

Operation Christmas Child is huge here in Ohio, I totally agree with you - it is such a great cause for kids truly in need. 10 boxes, you go girl! :) Glad to see you guys really are in the true Christmas Spirit!

Hunter and Nancy said...

10 boxes-WOW-may God Bless your efforts. REbecca and I filled two.

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