Friday, March 5, 2010

Pretty proud of myself

So, you may be wondering what happened to weeks 2, 3 and 4 of my sewing class.
Well, I'll show you... this happened.

I found this amazing fabric and pattern creator Amy Butler and decided as my first undertaking, I would make this oh so cute toiletry bag for all my makeup items. Now, I am done and I must say I am quite proud of myself, because it's actually pretty good. But before... as I was spending many hours, several redos and almost one good cry when Jake called it the "Frankenproject". (I didn't cry, but it was close).
It went like this....

I bought the fabric and felt quite accomplished... little did I know that was only the beginning.

I cut out the pattern and pieces, still felt accomplished.

I pinned the fabric to the interfacing and then machine basted (lightly stitched around). I still thought I was accomplished, little did I know this was just to hold everything together. :)

This is where the "frankenproject" part began. I asked Jake like 5X's to help me read this step in the pattern. But since he's never done pattern work, he got all frustrated cause he wasn't good at it. Then when I sewed the pieces wrongly together and on WAY TOO TIGHT of a stitch to rip out. He then declared, "oh I know exactly what you were supposed to". Suffice to say I made him recut out the material for round 2. I was also successfully able to do the other side of the bag. As you'll see in the next photo.

Oh, that's how you do it. Learning curve ;)

Now, to the zipper without a zipperfoot (this thing you add to the machine) or instruction on that topic from my teacher. (Hey, go big or go home right?) I think the zipperfoot would have come in handy.

Somehow I got it on though.

Then to the lining, this step did not occur without resewing like 5 times. No exaggeration. You couldn't identically replicate the lining step on both sides, even though the pattern said too. Even my teacher said it wouldn't work, so we had to make it up in the end.

All done I thought, but woops my zipper is sticking out. Maybe the zipper foot would have come in handy after all, still not sure why that happened.

No worries, I'll just use the handle- I was NOT going to use to push it in the whole and cover up my mess. And even though it's not perfect. I'm still pretty proud. And of course going to make some other ones. But not this week, this week we are starting pajama pants in class.

So, that's the woes of weeks 2, 3 and 4. I like to call it the "frankenproject", said with love NOW since everything turned out alright!
For now....


La said...

So cute! I'm proud of you too! =) I've never tried to do a zipper so I don't know anything about that, but your bag is great. I love Amy Butler stuff - I had wondered how long before you discovered it. Where did you do your fabric shopping?

Hunter and Nancy said...

You can't imagine how much fun I had reading your blog. Oh, I remember many "Frankenprojects"-some were worn/used and others filled a trash bin, but I am still sewing! I have never heard of Amy Butler stuff so I will have to look her up.
I'm babysitting over night for Christian and Logan so Dad and Mom can have an evening at a beautiful bed and breakfast in the woods. I am sure Rebecca will blog about it later. It has been fun and challenging to keep these two little guys busy, fed, and happy. They are both in bed at 8:30 and I am exhausted. Guess I will join them soon. Keep up the sewing and sharing your projects. You have inspired me to share mine on the blog.
P.S. When do you and Jake fly to Atlantic City to house-hunt?

Rebecca said...

You are super talented girl... seriously I don't think mine would have come out HALF that good.
My favorite part of the blog? That you got Jake sewing with you..and I could totally see him calling it that and then I would have stabbed him with the needles. :)

Huse Yo Mama said...

You go girl! I've never attempted a zipper! How embarrassing!

I love Amy Butler! I'll have to share some other fabric designers who are similar to her, but not in price! :-D I'll round up some websites and email them to you.

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