Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We bought a house

So, we got to Jersey and much to our dismay. All the homes we had picked out online had sold (like the day before we arrived). So, we went back to the drawing board, because we were on a mission to find a home (in 7 days no less). That mission lead us to these 2 houses, and we made bids on both, but again to our dismay. The homes must not have liked us back, because they were both no's. Really God just had a better plan of a bigger house for less money. Who can complain with that? We sure can't...

Bye, bye home 1 and home 2.

So, here it is drumroll please... Our first home (soon to be)
276 Deerfield Drive

(not my best photography)
And here is the inside, as you will see it's big enough for all our friends to move in too. So, we are expecting people to visit. :)

Here's the living/dining

A bonus room (maybe they call it a family room)

Part of the kitchen

The master (with 2 closets and double sinks) :)

And a rec/media room upstairs, so big it requires 2 photos, with a guest room inside.

And of course there is a 1000 sq ft unfinished basement. Did I mention that's bigger than my apartment now? Pathetic, I wonder how we squeeze in all our furniture. I'm sure we will just be full to the brim. :) NOT


Uma and Wil said...

Hi, Stacia! I'm Uma, Rebecca's friend, and I've been blog-stalked you from her link. Congrats on your house! Exciting stuff!

Rebecca said...

Yea! Wow, impressive home - awesome!! I heard you got a really good deal too. We are so happy for you guys and we plan to be one of your first visitors, that is if you can handle two little ones running around your new home. :) By the way, I like your comment on my blog, and yes trust me, holidays are so much better with the little ones. I say GO FOR IT (of course) . ha.

La said...

Yea! I know you're excited! I don't even know why you guys are moving out there though. Did I miss something on your blog?

When we moved into our house here we did not have enough furniture to fill it up. Craigslist to the rescue! Have fun!!! =)

Hunter and Nancy said...

Thanks for the new photos. Dad and I now have a better idea of your new home-how exciting. We look forward to visiting this fall. With your creative ideas, Stacia, it will look wonderful. I agree with the comment about Craigslist. I can't believe what a wonderful source of "things" it is. Rebecca has used it often and I used it for the first time while in Columbus to pick up a riding toy for Christian and Logan. There are also "once and again" stores that have great stuff. I learned that buying expensive furnishing before having kids is not the best idea. An example, was Rebecca's blog on the couch coloring experience with Christian. Ha!
It will amaze you how fast the space is occupied!

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