Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is why...

THIS (yes, 1st click on the article and it's somewhat graphic), but this is why I wait like 6 months to tell non-Christians how active of a Christian I really am. I live my life. I let them see how I respond to the real world. Most of the time my friends and co-workers know I go to church, but I let my testimony speak for itself. So, that they will respect and take my opinions seriously. And then if I have a more conservative opinion on something, hopefully people won't lump me in, with the above.

Honestly, I followed up on several links related. In one George says he didn't know Lucien was a prostitute til midway through his trip. In messages on facebook to the press he said he knew he was and he was actually undercover witnessing to him and how can you witness to people unless you find the "lost". And yet he doesn't deny he met him on rentboy. I just have no words, why do you cast the first stone, when you have sin among you?

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Rebecca said...

Ok I meant to comment on your last two posts, but you were just too quick for me.
Ilove that jewelry, so maybe when I stop always wanting to buy new clothes with my "blow" money every month, I can save up for a nice necklace (and when my 10 month old stop trying to destroy all my jewelry).
I was really entertained by your previous post on why you blog. We all blog to display our talents, whether that be our kids' talents, our own or our talents in discussing controversial or impt topics. I love it that you blog no matter what about. Plus you are already in the habit so when you have kiddos, I can expect regular updates.
I just read that article and there will always be sin in the world and we Christians are not exempt. We just have to try to be examples the best we can and pray for those who find themselves in bondage.

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