Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What better reason to party

Than to say goodbye. Remember when I posted my blog about the jewelry company a few blogs back. Well, I am gonna host a party. It will be a half goodbye party and a half "test party" for how I feel about Stella and Dot. I sent out the cutest evite, with this little picture in the background.

I've actually gotten a pretty good response, I'm sure partially cause all my girls want to get together one last time, but we'll see how it turns out.
I LOVE TO HOST PARTIES, in another life, my richer life, I think I might have actually gone into some kind of business where you help people do this. The thought of making punch and goodies and sangria and decorating and cleaning, well... I really just love it.
This is why I need to move into my house, because 850 square feet is not conducive for parties.

Speaking of houses.... once the people get our overnighted papers later today, we will officially own ours!!! Lots of craziness has ensued!


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