Saturday, August 14, 2010

All in a day's work...

The progression of a lamp. Well 2 actually. I somehow majorly scored yesterday at the Goodwill. I went in looking for a lamp or pair of lamps. I was aware that finding a pair I would actually like would be slim, but I need lamps all over my house, so I just started looking... I found this one and was in love and then in a totally different section I found it's brother.

The best part was the price, minus my military discount. Woohoo!

Today I got to work with some spray paint, my new best friend. From several other blogs I've read I knew priming with primer spray paint is a good idea... And for $3 bucks at Walmart, I could agree...

After priming it looked like this... I had planned to paint the lamps yellow, but had second thoughts when white was looking so good. I tried them out in the room and stuck with the original plan.

I forgot to take pretty pics in the daylight, because I was in such a rush to put it all together, but here is what we have now... You might be wondering about this room, with turquoise walls and soon enough I will show you this place too.

1 Comment:

La said...

I love spray paint.
I love goodwill.
I love lamps.
I love you.

The end. =)

PS. I'm loving watching you make your home!

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