Friday, September 3, 2010

Cabinet Reveal

So, I just want to prep this post by saying. The kitchen is in no way done. I almost thought about saving a before and after til it was completely done, but I don't think I'm patient enough for that. So, in the name of not being patient here are our newly painted cabinets.

This DIY was very cheap to do, but I don't think I'll go as far as to say it was easy. We had to take the cabinets off sand them, clean them, prime them and paint them twice. And even now it's not perfect. But I do think it looks a million times better and totally exudes the look I was going for and you can't complain about that for $75 bucks.

More to come! XO

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La said...

love it! I would have done the same thing and you are sooo right - it's a TON of work. Did you use a sprayer at all or just totally by hand? Either way, fun times. =)

Hunter and Nancy said...

Looks wonderful! Can't wait to see your whole house!! Have a fun Labor Day week-end. Windy there??

La said...

I've heard that the Ryobi Power Speed Sprayer for a realistic $79 plus tax works really well. I don't have a sprayer myself but I would love one! =)

Maureen said...

Came via Just-a-Girl. I love your cabinets. I recently painted a vanity in our hall bathroom, and it was my first experience painting a cabinet. Hats off to you for doing your entire kitchen. My little cabinet about killed me.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Wow~that's a big difference!
Painting cabinets is so much work. They look fabulous!

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