Saturday, October 16, 2010

my husband is officially handy people

So, I know I showed all of you THIS.
This annoying, gaping hole cutout that appears in 4 different spots in my house.

Here it is in perspective of the room.

Well, my hubby (with lots of help from me of course), turned that hole cutout into this!
A beautiful bookshelf. I told you in this post that we'd be working on it and got the idea from another blog. And we are finally done. It was a lot of work and a couple hundred dollars, but TOTALLY worth it. Because we kept the cable outlets open and made a hole in the bookshelf, so if future homeowners wanted a TV there, they could put one.

Doesn't it look SO perty? Good job honey, you are SO handy.


Rebecca said...

That is awesome! Impressed, way to go Jake.

La said...

Wow! Can you send him to South Bend? =)

Kimberley said...

Did Jake's dad come to help out with everything else? Have you finished the kitchen? Post a picture of your living room with your pottery barn pictures and yellow rug, so that I can make a final decision. :0)

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