Thursday, November 18, 2010

26 in Twenty Ten

Yes, that's me turning 26 in twenty ten. And on this 26th birthday I decided to have my first go at a dessert table. I have followed Amy Atlas for a long time and watched her put together many fabulous dessert tables. I finally decided there was no time like the present to do my own. And I had so much fun. I wish I was more of photographer to get up close shots and show you the process along the way, but I'm not... So, here's what I have. My own little version, it was lots of fun!

We had a full house, it was good to host again, now that we have a couch for people to sit on.

Blowing out those candles. Another year has come and gone.

P.S. I made all those treats myself, and you can see my crete paper streamers as well. I used this tutorial. It's nothing fancy, it just makes your streamers a little more pronounced and secure. 26, here I go.

1 Comment:

Rebecca said...

Looked great. Wish we could have been there. Hey what do you feel about hosting our family in Jan for a couple days or week? We are going to be without a home for a couple weeks and thought we would stay with Branden/Brooke and you guys before the big leave.

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