Tuesday, December 7, 2010

30 something

My honey doesn't like celebrating on his bday. This year I conceded, and he got the only thing he wanted ribs and a lemon meringue pie.

After getting my KitchenAid mixer this fall, I have really not enjoyed using it as much as I thought, but I will say, it does an awesome job on some meringue. Yum, Yum. Next year, I'm making a double batch.


Rebecca said...

Beautiful pie.

Are you serious about the kitchen aid? I use my kitchen aid nearly everyday. Even for Mashed Potatoes. :)

La said...

That is such a pretty pie! I've had two bad experiences making meringue and have given up. I only do cream now! One thing mine always did was lots of sweat beads all over. It would also pull away from the sides. Arghh. Yours looks like perfection!

We love famous daves bbq. Yum!!!

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