Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hey Buddy!

Every year the Coast Guard has a Christmas party. In San Diego Jake and I never attended because apparently the rescue swimmers were "too cool" for it, but here in NJ things are different. Not only do the swimmers attend, they apparently attend in style. By style I mean they all buy matching Buddy the Elf costumes (and one Santa) and show up in a big group like the cool kids making a late entrance. I will say it was fun though.

Jake and me

All the swimmers right after they walked in...

About 2 min. after we got there, the fire alarm went off. It was mass chaos and it persisted for at least 15 minutes. Yes, we exited the building in the freezing cold.

Hitting the dance floor. The elves were not inconspicuous as you can see.


Rebecca said...

HIlarious... and I think you should make that photo of the two of you your FB profile so everyone can see Jake as an elf.

La said...

Fun! And you look gorgeous! (How in the world do you stay skinny when you do all the delicious baking???) =)

Hunter and Nancy said...

Loved the update and photos! I agree, you, Stacia looked lovely! Jacob on the other hand looked dorky but that was the point-right? So good you two have so much fun! Love, Mom

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