Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Best of 2010

I know 2010 is good and gone, so I wanted to remember it before it got too far away with a few of my favorite things about it.

#1 Jake and I bought our first home, and this was the first picture I took when we pulled in the driveway.

#2 Two of my best friends from Texas came to visit me. One in San Diego and one in New Jersey. That's a lot of love for a friend to come to Jersey. :)

I got an awesome job at a church, and I get to look at things like this all week long. "Let the children come to me"

We repainted our kitchen cabinets, re-tiled the floor and bought an island. My kitchen is almost pretty now.

We got to see our family and precious nephews and of course document it with a picture!

And this last photo actually took place on January 3rd, but the action happened in December, my hubby made 1st class in the Coast Guard. Good job baby!

So many more things could be mentioned, but if I mentioned them all, these wouldn't be the best now would they?
Happy 2011!


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