Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Defense of Country Music

I love country music. Now, I'm not a total diehard, you'll hear me listening to a bunch of other stuff too. But there is just something about country that is right with the world. I mean it talks about Jesus, forgiveness and love as much as any genre can. But it also talks about life, problems, the forgotten virtues of respect and honor. It makes room for the mistakes of youth and doesn't take life too seriously.
I know this is a funny thought, but I know when I've listened to it before I've thought, I wish the church could more like country music. Teaching love, Jesus and respect, but without so much judgement involved.
Now, obviously not every country song exemplifies this, but the spirit of country music does. You just get in your car, turn it on and forget about all your problems. And all is right in the world again.
Maybe I'm just missing the south, I've lived elsewhere too long now.

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1 Comment:

Brandi said...

When I get to missing the South, I get back to my country music roots, it feels like home for a moment or something! lol

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