Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So, next week I will be 20 weeks (halfway) and also find out the sex of the baby. I know it's just "nesting" but I feel like I've done jack diddly...oh wait I have done jack diddly and need to get my butt in gear. Seriously though, the next few months have a lot in them, so I know I need to get moving while I can still move and bend with ease.
- What we have done:
Prime the nursery to white, so we can paint.
Buy nursery furniture (some) we have a crib and dresser.

Ok that's it. That's the end of my list. Yes, I know there's only 2 things on it. :) Which is why I need your help. I know if I choose some baby bedding, it will really spur me to get the ball moving with the rest of the room and where I want it to go. So, if you read my blog, but never comment please lend your opinion on this one.
I am going to post some girl fabrics and ideas I like and then some boy, please comment on your favorite girl and boy pattern to help me decide.

Girl: (the first 4 are fabric options if I picked my own from etsy)
Option 1- I like B,D,E

Option 2- I,J, M???

Option 3- I like A,D,E

Option 4- A,B and maybe a solid color?

Option 5

Option 6

Option 7

Option 8

Option 9

I know that's alot of options, but that's why I'm asking for your help.

Boy: I only have a few cause I kind of know what I like.

Option 1 (ABC- so cute)

Option 2 (minus the animal quilt, take the bedding and add surf theme)


Rebecca said...

I think that is how it always is: more options for girls than options for boys when it comes to decorating and clothes. :)

My favorites (sorry couldn't pick just one):
Option 1 - B
Option 4 - A
Love the tree idea on Option 5
Love the paisley pattern on option 8.

Boy - love love the ABC pattern
By the way I had a dream last night you were having a boy.

Rebecca said...

Ok after looking at them again, I think Option 6 is my new favorite. :) Then you could add the white tree on the wall still with those flowers in whatever color.
That is my suggestion. :)

La said...

Ahhh!!! I only have a second but I had to comment! ;)

For a girl I really like 1, 6, or 8. (there are some really cool ideas online for painting trees and birds on walls and that's why I like 6!)

For a boy I really like the ABC bedding.

I was wondering what color furniture you got as I was trying to decide. To me that would make a big difference.

Can't wait to see what you do! And don't worry about not having much done yet. You'll go into serious nesting mode and trust me - it will get done!

Hunter and Nancy said...

Here is my input:
Option 1: B & H
Option 2: I & J
Option 3: D
Option 4: A & E
Option 5: love the tree!
Option 6 & 8 like

ABC for the boy

Brandi said...

1st I like Option 6 the most and mimic Option's 5 idea but with the tree on the bedding in 6's.
2nd I like Option 4's patterns and colors a lot
3rd I like Option 8

I love the surf theme, but if choosing from these Options, the ABCs are adorable!!!

Cant wait for you and Jake to find out what the little one will be and to see how amazingly cute make her room, I mean his or hers!! hehe!!

La said...

Have you seen the new House of Fifty e-zine that was just released online? Check out the article (starts on 114 I think) on nurseries. Good stuff! =)

melissa_means said...

Hello LOVE! Well, I have no doubts you actually don't need any help at all! You are so creative and have a great sense of style and taste.
But my votes are.... For a girl, Option 5 100%!!!! I LOVE that. Everything about it. Especially the mural. It's beautiful!
for a boy, option 1 for sure! super cute and simple!

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