Saturday, May 28, 2011

24 weeks

Somehow I am 6 months pregnant. Still feeling awesome, but definitely nesting and wondering where the year has gone. A small reminder of how fast life will continue to pass once little Keaton is here. Knowing that someday down the line, I will be looking at his life and wondering the same thing, where has all the time gone.
At the beginning of 2011 (before I even know I was preggers), I decided I wanted a phrase for the year, that would be my mantra, that I would try to work on all year long. I chose the phrase, "be present". And I am trying very hard to "be present" in every day, every stage, every memory along the way. Here's just a little peek at my pregnant self.

I feel pretty big for 6 months, but I've always been a curvy girl. :)


melissa_means said...

Beautiful:) Lil' Keaton is sure popping out these days and making his mommy look even more stunning! LOVE and miss you!!!

Hunter and Nancy said...

Thanks for the updated photo and yes, try to remember every "moment" of your pregnancy. I miss those wonder filled days! But you also have exciting times ahead!

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