Monday, May 16, 2011

Family addition

We have a new addition to our family. Not Keaton, he's due in September. We got this baby....

The new Nikon D5100 released last month. We almost, almost went with the D90, but since it was released in 08' and despite it's stellar picture taking abilities is already much outdated in tech terms, and especially video recording abilities. We went with a slightly lesser, but much newer model.
I mean it can record in 1080p for goodness, as if we need that. So far Jake has been the mastermind behind the camera, but I can't wait to take a few pics of my own and start posting them.
Here is just one fun thing Jake did with the Nikon.

Much more Nikon love to come.

1 Comment:

Hunter and Nancy said...

Way to go Jake!! Can't wait to see incredible photos of Keaton!!

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