Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Time

As mentioned in my last little cupcake post we visited North Carolina for Memorial Day weekend and had a fabulous time with Jake's brother/my cousin (they are married) and their two kiddos. One of whom just graced the world with her presence on Mother's Day weekend, Ms. Ella Morgan. It was so nice to be near family and Jake and I got a little baby practicing in too. We did some serious eating, baking and hanging out.
Here are a few pics from our fun time! Love you guys.

Uncle Jake and Ella, his hand is half her tiny.

Little man Aiden

Ella Pondering... Actually Jake was very proud, he propped her into this position. :)

Cute as a bow.

The only picture we took together all weekend. :)

Just the beginning of summer fun...

1 Comment:

Rebecca said...

Aww thanks for posting this ! We miss you guys so much and love seeing all the photos of our new niece and Aiden. Do you know how much Steve can't wait for Jake to be a dad and have to change his first poopy diaper?! ;)

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