Monday, June 13, 2011

Rootbeer cupcakes

A few months back, I saw a post on another blog for rootbeer float cupcakes. The idea got in my mind and settled there and would not leave. When I finally decided I had to have them (hmm...pregnancy craving?) I could not find root beer extract/concentrate anywhere. So, we hit up one of our local farmer's markets and I blogged about that here and luckily they had just the product. So, when some of our friends visited from Texas a few weeks back (I just now realized, I never blogged about their trip here, woops), I just had to make them. We were so impatient in wanting them, we ate them hot out of the oven with the icing practically dripping off, and they were UH-mazing.

The thing about the recipe is... it only makes 12. Which for my pre-pregnancy waistline is a good thing, but when sharing with friends they disappear like hotcakes. So, since I had to give so many away, I decided to make them again when we visited N. Carolina last week (blog to come on that soon).
So, here are just a few pics of these interesting little cakes and please use the recipe from HowSweetEats to make your own set of 12. The first time I put a little extra extract and I think it might have been better, but it depends how subtle you want the "hint of rootbeer" to be, regardless add them to your baking to do list.

I also did not add the hot fudge on top because I was too impatient, but I'm sure it was a nice addition. XO Cupcakes and Love


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