Friday, August 12, 2011

Feature Friday

I know you all got a tiny nursery sneak peak in the little pregnancy shoot Jake and I did the other day, but I'm not quite ready for the final reveal.
However, one thing that has been ready for quite a while is the DIY art that Jake and I made for above the changing table.
I got the inspiration originally for a barnwood art piece from All Things Thrifty Blog and then began looking around pinterest etc for similar ideas. I asked Brooke at ATT where she got her barnwood and she let me know that someone just gave it to her.
Jake and I were not so lucky, we even went driving around asking people that had old stacks of wood on their property, but no one would donate to our little project.

I decided we would just distress some wood instead. So, we literally bought brand new wood with the intent of making it look old. Jake banged it up (his favorite part) and then we stained it.

We then had to decide what to put on it-- Jake of course wanted the Plato quote, "of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable", but I wasn't quite feeling that. :) So, I kept looking til we found the quote we finally chose.

However, since I don't own any type of vinyl making contraption, which is how my inspiration project made it's quote-- I had to look around on the internet for where to purchase affordable vinyl.
I seriously got several quotes over $50 dollars and then one beautiful price quote for $27 from an etsy dealer. He literally had a proof for me to look at within an hour, and I received it 2 days later.

The only thing left was to apply it. And here it is!

1 Comment:

Rebecca said...

that boys has the most beautiful nursery ever... I did like Jake's quote the best though. ;)

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