Monday, August 8, 2011

K tutorial

On Pinterest a few months back I saw this letter k, that someone had posted.

Pinterest of course let's you follow a picture to the link of where it was posted. I knew that many people have used a site craftcuts for a lot of similar projects, but when I looked in their font collection, I didn't see anything that matched this. So, I asked the author of the blog and she kindly wrote back and told me someone had made it for her several years before.

So, my next obvious choice was to go to my very own "make it" guy and see if he could do something similar.
My handy hubby had a good idea for how to make our very own k as seen below.

First find the font you want. I, of course wanted mine to be similar to the one featured.
We then printed the letter to the size of a full sheet of paper. Jake then took that sheet and had it blown up at Staples, to 2 feet tall- the size I wanted my k to be.

Next, Jake purchased some mdf board at Home Depot and "traced" the letter with an exacto knife to leave an imprint on the board.

He then cut out the letter using his jigsaw, I wasn't home when he did this, but I can imagine that it took much precision and care. He had extra mdf, just in case he messed up. He didn't need it though. :)

Here is the letter cut out.

We of course painted it, and got some hardware to hang it on the wall. Here is the final look. Pretty close to the inspiration idea, if I do say so myself.

More full room pics, (so you can see this in perspective) will be coming very soon.

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