Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Photos

Now, that MOST of you have probably gotten our Christmas card, I can finally post these. I was waiting, cause I didn't want it to be too repetitive. But we had some photos taken by a local photographer who I met through our church. Kim Angelo Photography.
She did a great job, and it helped me reminisce on
1. How cute Keaton is... and
2. How much he's already changed. (By that I meant how chunky he's gotten) :)
I hate getting photos taken, because I am so critical of myself and what I look like, but I do it because later on when I look back, I always love them, and love to remember that specific time in our lives.

You might be wondering why I've started posting my photos so small (actually probably not, but I'll tell you anyway) :). My blog layout was getting really messed up when I was posting them bigger and I don't know how to fix it and I'm really too lazy to figure it out. But if you click on them, you should get a better view.
I'm going to try and get in a 2011 remembrance post before the year passes. I can't believe it's 4 days away from 2012. Now, that we have Keaton the importance of photos and capturing who he is right now is so important. SO, here's to family photos, and capturing beautiful moments in time.
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