Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cake Batter Chocolate Bark

Here is some Valentines (or anytime deliciousness). I am actually going to try and make one more thing for Jakey-poo (I don't really call him that, but since it's nearing Valentines, it's allowed) before the holiday... I'm going to attempt a from scratch cherry pie with a little heart cut out.

But last week, I made this devilish treat, and I definitely recommend. I pinned this recipe some time ago, and just finally got around to making it....

The recipe comes from How Sweet Eats, I've made several of her recipes including her rootbeer cupcakes in the past.

She is slightly obsessed with cake batter, and I have a small affinity for it myself, so even though I'm not really into Chocolate Bark it sounded good.

Her recipe can be found here, but I did tweak it just a bit.
I put 4 heaping teaspoons of cake batter, and when I make it again. I think I will actually put 2 tablespoons for an even stronger flavor....

I saw a few copycat recipes flying around that put 1 tsp of cake batter, these people clearly do not understand the goodness of the flavor, so try as you will your own way, but definitely try. This seriously took me like 8 minutes to prepare. And was sooo good!

Hearts, chocolate and lots of love!


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