Friday, March 23, 2012

Feature Friday- Bathroom and Framed DIY mirror

I know you thought I'd ended this series, but apparently I like to bring it back every random Friday or so...

We actually have still been doing things around our home, but it's much harder to photograph and post and all that with a baby. Let's face it- it's much harder to do just about everything (with a baby). But everything is also more fun and cute when he's around. :)
This project has been a long time coming (let's just say we messed up on our first go at a frame, oops).

So, for the 2nd go on this project we 100% followed the tutorial from House of Smith, a DIY blog I've followed for years. The differences are - our mirror was much larger, we painted ours brown afterward and then added poly to make it waterproof. Also, our frame is actually only kept up by Command strips, in case a future buyer wants to repaint or change. Since we are in the Coast Guard, we always think of our future buyers.
Also, our mirror was longer as you can see in our before pic, but handy hubby cut the mirror using some type of razor, he asked at Home Depot and they told him how.

So, this bathroom was actually gold when we moved in-- I knew I did NOT like gold, but didn't really know what I wanted. So, we primed and painted white, but we knew that still wasn't it. We finally settled on this and we love it. I will try to remember to come back and add the new paint color soon.

First mirror shot and blank wall.

New paint, new lights, new frame, new art and new knobs and finally we've got a pretty cute bathroom. Those builder bathrooms are just so boring!

The second picture is more true to the real paint color. So, there you have.... Feature Friday. TGIF


The Aspenberg Family said...

The bathroom came out beautiful!!!!!

Hunter and Nancy said...

Very upscale! You two should have a decorating business! Brains and brawn. You have them both-right?

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