Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's on the Menu?

So, as most of you know Keaton has food allergies and since I'm the "milk lady"-- I have to give things up to make sure he doesn't break out like a kid who tripped on the ant pile.
So, what do we eat around here when you can't eat Dairy-Gluten-Eggs-Chocolate-Peanut Butter-Strawberries, and a few others things to name a few.

Well here's what's on the menu this week. Click for a closer look.

Favorite baked oatmeal
(minus the chocolate)
Banana Muffins

Lunch: Corn Tortillas + Chicken and Guacamole

Pork Planks- an old favorite, now minus the bread.
Turkey kebabs and cabbage slaw
One pot chicken and sausage
Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Notice a dinner theme? Meat and veggies, not alot of other options. Actually three of those dinner meals are old favorites from Martha Stewart and that makes me happy. :)

1 Comment:

Hunter and Nancy said...

Thanks for all the great recipes! Can't wait to fix some of them.

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