Sunday, November 25, 2012

With Thanks!

OK, I know I've had some serious lack of postings, but we all have seasons and this is just a season where blogging is not ranking very high for me.
But I have been "blogging" in some sense online since high school, so I promise I'm not quitting.

We had a great Thanksgiving with friends. We are so grateful to find friends that uplift us and take us in no matter where we've gone. Every holiday since we've lived in NJ, we have spent it with either our family who has come to visit or friends who adopt us for the day, and we are so grateful!

We did a 5k in the morning, neither of us are really in "running shape", so we power walked the first mile and a half, and then ran the second pushing Keaton. It might have been the first time Jake had ran in like 2 years, and definitely since I visited Italy for me, but since we had walked so quickly as our warm up, neither of us were really sore. But we had worked up a great appetite and that was the plan. Possible Thanksgiving tradition in the making? We'll see....

Here is a little photo collage of the day.


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