Monday, April 1, 2013

Compare and Contrast!

So, I know I'm two weeks further along in this side by side comparison, but I'm definitely not as small as last time.
I had some complication with this pregnancy and wasn't given the clear to workout til two weeks ago, and let me just say I still haven't done anything about that exact department.
I mean I'm no blubbery mess or anything, but the arms have a certain jiggle to them. Luckily I'm under 30, so if all goes according to plan, the body will once again bounce back. :)

Time is blurring by this time around and in a way I'm lucky I'm having the same gender, because there is much less to do. And THAT is a good thing, because I've done very little. I know it will all come together in time. :)
I'm still waiting for that pregnancy kick of energy to come in, and then I can't use it to work on other things like my job. Must prepare for little blue #2.



Rebecca said...

You and me both girl, I have lost all motivation to work out and I feel like, while only 9 weeks, I look like I am 4 months! Ahh well, let's embrace these new little ones and be assured it will all come off in due time. :) You are beautiful in BOTH photos!

Brandi said...

You look great in both pictures, and in real life ;) I will say that you have popped out very quickly in a just a few short weeks, so the 2 weeks difference could be a noticeable difference. Also, you haven't had a chance to really slow down, so your not 'working out' is more exercise than most! ;) hehe You will bounce right back after baby boy joins the Stall family, Im sure of it

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