Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beckham at 2 months

So, my little guy, I really did want to say some things about your second month, but seeing how it's almost over, and I can't even remember what you were doing 4 weeks ago AND these photos are several weeks old. I am just going to post these photos and show how cute you are! Next week, I will be a good mommy and talk about all the fun things you are doing now. You are almost 3 months and you are changing everyday!


And for comparison's sake here is Keaton at 2 months. When you sleep I think you look quite similar still, but with his big ole' bald round head in these photos. I could never mistake you two. I love that you're different, but you're both my boys!
Don't worry B, next month I'm gonna talk all about you!


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