Monday, January 20, 2014

I can still post about Christmas right?

I know I'm a month late. But it's only a month.
We took some holiday photos for our Christmas card. Beckham was just 3 months in these photos and almost 5 1/2 months now, so basically time is flying.

But I still wanted to share.
These are great of my boys. The calm
And the crazy (aka real life)

Our Christmas card photo

This one is great for 2 reasons. First off Keaton loves it when we both kiss his cheeks, if we are both around and one of us gives him a kiss (he always asks for two), meaning both of us kiss his cheeks simultanteously. And the second reason it's great it because you can see the marshmallow in his mouth. It was our photo reward, but totally backfired cause you could see it in his mouth in so many photos. HA!

And this one my Beckham boy looks so beautiful. Soon after 4 months his face has been super rashy just like Keaton's was at the exact same time. I partially attribute teething, cause of all the drool, but both his teeth have come through, and I've been eating like the "perfect mommy diet", so I don't know
But here he's just pudgy and perfect, I love it.

And since I'm a Christmas roll. Here's a few more. If you follow me on instagram, you've seen some of these.
Our Christmas Mantle- Our first year to have a mantle, so that's fun.
Present Time!
Speaking of "two" here it is again, on our "fake" Christmas morning. So happy. We drove to IN on actual Christmas day.

Allergen friendly, dye and HFCS free gingerbread house, with accompanied SMASH, by all the cousins.  (Slightly less colorful, without the fake dyes, I might add) :P
Crazy, crazy cousins. And one crying baby.
So, there you have it, now I can move on with stuff from THIS actual year! :)


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