Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why I've said goodbye to the Golden Arches for good...

So, I read a handful of popular blogs and I often think I could turn my blog into a business like one of these that I read. I could blog all day long about eating clean, or making healthy desserts, I could blog about natural remedies for sickness, baby fashion or being crunchy. But I don't want that. I don't want that pressure or that commitment or that following. I blog for me, and my friends and family when I have time to fit it in (aka: never cause my kids aren't on the same nap schedule, I have a job and the laundry is constantly calling my name).

But sometimes I post because I want someone else to read this, and this is one of those posts.

With all that was going on with Beckham, I was on a total paleo diet (READ: no grains and no dairy) that included no corn, gf oats and rice. Now, I wasn't really on the paleo diet, it just happened that I thought he was having issues with those things. In addition, I had consciously thought he had an issue with sugar cane and possibly coconut, so I really wasn't eating dessert of any kind, except fruit. When I first started eliminating stuff, I was still eating raw coconut macaroons or things with dairy free chocolate. But I had been off all that since at least 2014, so I had majorly detoxed from sugar, and I will note, I about died doing it.

In the last 5 years, I can probably count the times I've been to McDonalds on two hands. At least 5 of those times was to get a sweet tea, but since I started drinking organic tea, due to pesticide exposure that doesn't even happen anymore.

But on this given day, I had ordered my groceries online. I had a scheduled pick up time before Keaton's nap. It was lunch time AND B's nap time, so I decided to drive over a little early hoping Beckham would fall asleep in the car. He did, but my scheduled grocery time had passed and they hadn't called for me to pick them up, so I was just driving around close by, when I decided we would just eat lunch out, but since Beckham was asleep, we were limited to places you could drive through, which based on where we were, was pretty much McDonalds. I hadn't had any fast food yet since I was able to eat it, and a chicken sandwich did sound pretty good, I started to convince myself....

So, we went and I got a chicken sandwich, fries and a coffee.

First my sandwich and drink were major let downs, like literally the coffee tasted fake, but I bought it, so now I was going to eat it. Within about 10 minutes I felt like I wanted to puke. I actually was thinking I possibly could vomit the feeling was so strong....

But I didn't and we got home, and I put away the groceries. About 60 minutes later, I started getting a headache. It got so bad that I had to take advil (which I never do) and  then after laying on the couch feeling terrible, I decided to take a detox bath. The headache lasted several hours, as did the nausea.

All I could think was WOW. First, I felt ashamed that I'd gone there, especially after eating so clean for so long. But quickly thereafter, I just could not believe the way my body reacted to eating that food. Now, obviously that's not the normal reaction, because most bodies are existing at a certain level of toxicity, but because I was eating so clean, my body had a total freak out.  And it's probably well deserved because there I just looked it up and there are hydrolyzed beef and milk in their fries people. YES, FRIES AS IN MADE FROM POTATOES AND COOKED IN OIL.

Needless to say, I won't be going back there, and I feel bad for all the people living so toxic that their body doesn't have a freakout, because that was a wake up call. If that happened every time you ate crap, I'm sure there would be a lot less cancer going around. At the very least most people wouldn't be going back to McDonalds... I know I won't be.


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