Thursday, December 18, 2014

12 posts of Christmas #6

One of our sweet, sweet friends at church who just loves my boys took some pictures of us for our Christmas card. She doesn't have a company at this time, but as you can see she is fabulous, and if you are local to South Jersey, I can definitely pass on her information. We went to a cute little site about 30 minutes away and just had a great time as a family on one of the last nice fall days before the weather started turning. I didn't spoil our Christmas picture. But these are some of my favs!

 If you only knew what we thru to get this picture. I always have unrealistic ideas in my head. But I still love this shot!

Me and my MCM (man crush Monday for anyone who doesn't follow on social media)

Literally this boy, for all the fights we have. He is a passionate lover, and he's my boy.


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