Sunday, August 31, 2014

Beckham's First PowWow

 It all started when Nani and Papa blessed our little guys with a teepee as their shared birthday gift. How could I not base a party around this magnificent thing for my little Beckham? I will say, it fits slightly more comfortably in the wild, than my house, but the boys love it regardless!

The Dessert Table

I was inspired by something I found on pinterest, and made this. Aside from my slanted hand writing... I love how it turned out. I brush painted a piece of foam core, and then made the shapes myself.
B for Beckham. Or Buffalo Corn!

Bulls Eye Cookies

Homemade Ice Cream TeePee Cones

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

My favorite photo, Beckham stares at his "pumpkin muffin" as if to say, "where's the frosting mom?" Sorry little man, you are allergic. :(
The backyard setup for the kids!
We had several Native American playsets for the kids

PowWow Menu

Super Easy Craft, and these are still getting played with by Keaton

Pin the Tail on the Buffalo

Painted by one of the artists in my church. Fun for the littles!

Our Tribe at the Pow Wow.

Ginormous Teepee: Land of Nod
Bullseye cookies: Brownies Squared
Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting (seriously make this stuff!)
Beckham's Tank: (his super cute pants and FP mocs didn't make it)
Keaton's Shirt: (and yes the Bison is his favorite animal)
Everything else was made by muah, but there were so many ideas that I borrowed from online. Here's my Pinterest Board for ideas I gathered. Hope you are inspired to have your own fun!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beckham's Birth Story- Detailed, not for the faint of heart :)

So, if you travel back a few years back you can see my first birth story with Keaton. I wrote it on his first birthday, because I was too raw to write it immediately after. With Beckham, I had plenty of time to write his story, but I think some stories get better with reflection  And I'm not sure why, but a part of me does not want to share this. Because it was personal & beautiful, but I also want to remember it. So, on B's first birthday here I go again.
With Beckham, I waited til almost 3 months to have an initial consult because I was sweating about choosing a provider. I wanted an empowered natural labor, and I didn't know where I could find that. I went with one provider, but at 32 weeks I prayerfully, pleadingly convinced my hubby to come with me to have a consult with a home birth midwife, because my current provider was stressing me to the max, creating a false case for a high risk pregnancy that didn't exist and trying to convince me of an elective c-section at every moment in between.

I know many people would be fine with that story, but that wasn't the one I wanted for me. I had changed my whole life and diet, to avoid group b strep (which I had the first time, and did not have this time) in order to have a natural birth.

Just going to the consult, I felt vindicated, she was the first medical person to "hear" my story. Really hear.... and give me sound counsel. But she was expensive. Like so expensive we couldn't afford it, and it would be out of pocket. But she told us she would work with us, and we went home and prayed. My husband prayed for a sign, the next day we got a check in the mail (THAT WE WERE NOT EXPECTING) for a 3rd of the cost. And we were convinced. We were at peace. We were so happy to serve a God who hears. So, we started prepping for a home birth, and as crazy as it sounds. I was not one bit nervous,  bursting with anticipation (maybe), but peaceful. I had read Ina May's The Guide to Childbirth and Hypnobirthing. I had not done a hypnobirthing course, but I listened to the cd practicing and meditating. With Keaton I was 12 days late. Beckham who was due Wednesday, July 31... I knew on his due date that I was close. I had been through this once before (and talk about a confidence booster), I knew I wasn't 12 days away. That whole week before, I was having serious bouts of false labor, one night I even text my midwife, saying maybe, but I would text her back. Nothing...
A few days before I gave birth!
So, on Friday afternoon when my contractions were regular and building (not painful), just present,  I thought I was probably in labor. But this time I didn't tell anyone but Jacob. I actually decided to go lay down at dinner, because every previous time in both pregnancies, that made my labor stop, but the contractions pressed on. After 10pm Jake and I went for a walk. I called my midwife and told her I thought I was in labor, but not active labor. She said why not active labor, (cause my contractions were pretty close), and I said because I'm walking, and I've been in active labor that doesn't happen when I am. She agreed. We came back home, and my contractions chilled out a bit while I talked to my mom and best friend on the phone. So, I convinced Jake to go on one more walk, cause I didn't want them to stall out. ( I have seriously had false labor numerous times for 3 hours or more) :) And after our walk, I decided to lay down, because I really did think he was coming.

Jake asleep on the floor between walks. He was dying.
One thing I did not have with Keaton was a doula. Jake is a wonderful birth partner, but doula's are different. I did not hire a professional, but I chose a friend who'd also had a homebirth. I told her at midnight, I thought tonight was the night, and that I would text her. I woke up at 1:50 in a panic to crazy intense contractions. I was calling for Jake to support me and he was tired and discombobulated. I text my doula to please come, because I needed some emotional support and she text me, like the loving, amazing friend she was, that she was already here. She had come when I had text before. She came inside and immediately my water broke. Things were chaotic and I was not at peace. She suggested I get in the bath, but I told her it was too early and I didn't want my labor stalling out. But she assessed it was not too early. I listened. She helped me to find my center, and I spent like an hour that way, trying to stay relaxed through each intense contraction. She had luckily called my midwives, and they had arrived during that period. They suggested I get out of the bath, and as soon as I did, my labor was CUH-RAZY. (Like I'm not sure how people could possibly labor naturally while strapped to a bed, they are the real champs). I was crying to get back in the bath. I was in transition though I didn't know it persay in the moment. I spent what felt like 10 minutes, but was actually closer to an hour on the side of the tub, in the most "other" mental place I have ever achieved.  I was kinda of singing, kind of crying. I guess it was a sing-cry, just focused from one contraction to the next.

I started telling them I felt "pushy" (like I needed to push) and I kept saying, but "it's too soon to feel this way". I had not been checked up to this point, cause that was a total downer in my first labor.  I wrongly assumed that since my other labor had been long and slow, that this one couldn't possibly be quick and short. But if you do something different, sometimes you get different results!!! So, I was at 10 cm and it was only 5 in the morning. Now, here's where the story goes a bit south. With Keaton, I had also progressed 10, and never felt the urge to push, and they had said he was not coming down.
With Beckham even before my labor, my midwife had said he wasn't engaged in my pelvis like he should be, he was floating. A few days previous he had actually been turned wrong (posterior I think) and she thought he felt that way again. Which it is possible to deliver, but more complicated.  In hindsight, I'm sure this was the case with K too, but with an epidural there is nothing you can do to solve the problem. So, from 5-6am, I attempted to push a baby from every possibly position that "wasn't coming down". My midwife had told me several times that I need to do large stomps to engage him in the birth canal, but I was so tired between contractions that I just could not pull it together and get the energy. 

There was a moment, when I actually thought, "I gave this my all. I guess I wasn't made to have babies", since this happened with Keaton too, but my doula was texting with my mom. And my mom gave me some encouraging words and Jacob prayed for me. (And I didn't know it at the time, but Jacob's mother was up interceding for me in the other room). And literally like an insane shot of energy, I said "teach me how to do this stomp, stomp thing" and I started doing it. Within 3 contractions Beckham was jiggling into place and my body was back on track for pushing out this little guy.  I was having to wait like 5 minutes between each one. I don't remember how many pushes. It was still a lot to bring him down after he engaged, but right as the sun was dawning it took 2 legitimate pushes, and I pushed that little babe out at 7:00am. Mad as all stink he was too, for his rough travel out the birth canal.  He had blonde hair and I declared, Keaton was never this small. (Keaton was smaller). And I was asking for a drink and shower because that birthing a baby thing, it is hard work. But at 8 lbs and 22 1/2 inches of perfection, he was all worth it!
Happy Birthday Beckham. Love, Your Mama

Friday, July 11, 2014

That time my husband became a Chief

Jake has worked his hiney off to become a petty-officer Chief in the Coast Guard. For a rescue swimmer that is the place that many retire their careers, and he's feeling pretty good.
We took a few pictures to commemorate the day.
Anyone actually in the Coast Guard will totally appreciate these because while I was trying to pin him on our two year refused to stand with our friend and watch and ran up to us. He was being a little stinker. So, I pinned the pin on as fast as I could, without removing the old one, in the wrong direction, while holding him.
I was just trying to get it done.

All in all, it was still a fun little event!

Our family!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beckham at 11 months

Beckham at 11 months is so good! He is a happy little fellow. He wasn't the easiest baby persay, but since about 7 months, when he finally started  sleeping 12 hours through the night. Everything about his demeanor changed. He was genuinely happy ALL THE TIME. He is so different then Keaton, and yet Keaton is his role model in all things.
I find Beckham's personality more difficult to explain, but it is clear in my head. He is more than anything a happy, cuddly boy. He wants to do everything his brother does. I wouldn't call him crazy or super adventurous in his own right, but because Keaton is doing things, he's definitely more adventerous than K was at 11 months, because he wants to hang with the big dogs. No baby toys for him, he's gotta keep up.

-He loves to eat. My kids just literally want to see how much they can possibly make groceries in a single week, and they are awesome at it. The other day, they literally ate a 12 oz container of  organic blueberries in one setting between the two of them (it was supposed to last the week).

-He LOVES to clap, he started clapping around 8 months, and it's still one of his favorite things to do, I feel like he really likes music and dancing as well (more than K).

-He does shuffle crawl (if he has too), but mostly he prefers to stand, cruise or walk (with a tiny bit of assistance).

-He is super close to walking, he can easily walk to whatever  he wants with only one of our fingers holding ONE of his hands, but if I try to take that single finger away, he will literally throw a fit. I thought he might be walking by 11 months, because he's been at this stage for a while and is really daring in his cruising from furniture to furniture with no assistance, but he's not. And honestly, walking is not some fete that makes your mom life easier, so it's all good.

-He mostly loves to stand, cruise and bounce ALL day long.

-Before he was working so hard on his mobility skills. He was hard at work on a few words, mama, dada (old news), cat and (Kea) for Keaton, he would also say hi (if I kept prompting). But now he will mostly only wave, though he is a friendly boy, everyone gets a dimply smile if they try!

-His eczema is still out of control, worse than Keaton's at 11 months, and he's definitely allergic to strawberries, he does have some of the same issue as Keaton, but different (because he's his own).

-I think the best way to describe him though is sweet. I feel like he's a gentle soul. But he's only 11 months, so I'll let you know when the toddler months get into full swing.
All in all, we love this perfect little addition to our fam!

As soon as I set the little stinker down, he flipped around and stood up on the chair, the toddler years begin. So, I had to include this one.
Here he's telling you, "this is my monkey...George"
Happy Boy!
As soon as I tried to have him pose with the basket, he wanted to show his wall walking skills.
When I actually made him stop and put him in the basket. I got this... I honestly love it, even that pitiful face is so precious to me. "Mom, I was playing...Wah!"
We love you Mister B.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beckham's 9th and 10th months

Right now this app Time Hop is really popular. It shows you photos from exactly one year ago, so you can enjoy your own little Time Hop.
Well, Beckham turned 11 months 5 days ago, so we took photos and as we did. I realized I hadn't posted his 9 month photos or 10 month photos and they were all sitting side by side on my camera, and talk about a time hop.

I cannot believe how much he has changed. He's losing his baby-ness. He's had a haircut. And literally it happened in like a month, because he was chilling in the baby stage for quite awhile.
If you've read my blog for any length of time. You'll know I did the monthly posts for Keaton and fully intended on doing them for Beckham, but since I can barely remember what we ate for dinner last night, I'm not going to try and make up details about B's 9th and 10th month. Instead I'm just gonna show you how cute he was. Beckham if you're reading this one day in the future (or maybe your future wife). I'm really sorry and I really do love you to pieces, despite my faithfulness in talking about your baby awesomeness.

9 month little man

10 months (not too happy about our photo shoot, NO smiles for mama)

And this last photo is just too hilarious because Keaton was throwing an outright tantrum that I was only taking pictures of Beckham, so he had to come pose in his pajamas. Holding the basket like Beckham. I laughed about this all day. :D
Love you B, you are growing up to be quite the boy!

So This Happened....

I started working full time in May, which is why my last post was in May. This is also why the last time I went to yoga was in May, and why my bathrooms haven't been deep cleaned since you guessed it (May). I am delicately doing a great job in my opinion juggling full time work and my babies, but some things have had to go, some things I didn't want to drop, but I don't know how to fit them all. So, for this season, this is where we are....
The church I work for hired someone full time to watch my babies. Someone whom I love and my kids love, and I get to be close and eat lunch with them everyday, and I'm right there if anything happens. There is always give and take in the hard decisions of life....
On that note, I'm gonna write the last 5 blog posts that I never got to write, since I seem to have a minute and the next minute I might have will be in (you guessed it) September.

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