Friday, July 11, 2014

That time my husband became a Chief

Jake has worked his hiney off to become a petty-officer Chief in the Coast Guard. For a rescue swimmer that is the place that many retire their careers, and he's feeling pretty good.
We took a few pictures to commemorate the day.
Anyone actually in the Coast Guard will totally appreciate these because while I was trying to pin him on our two year refused to stand with our friend and watch and ran up to us. He was being a little stinker. So, I pinned the pin on as fast as I could, without removing the old one, in the wrong direction, while holding him.
I was just trying to get it done.

All in all, it was still a fun little event!

Our family!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beckham at 11 months

Beckham at 11 months is so good! He is a happy little fellow. He wasn't the easiest baby persay, but since about 7 months, when he finally started  sleeping 12 hours through the night. Everything about his demeanor changed. He was genuinely happy ALL THE TIME. He is so different then Keaton, and yet Keaton is his role model in all things.
I find Beckham's personality more difficult to explain, but it is clear in my head. He is more than anything a happy, cuddly boy. He wants to do everything his brother does. I wouldn't call him crazy or super adventurous in his own right, but because Keaton is doing things, he's definitely more adventerous than K was at 11 months, because he wants to hang with the big dogs. No baby toys for him, he's gotta keep up.

-He loves to eat. My kids just literally want to see how much they can possibly make groceries in a single week, and they are awesome at it. The other day, they literally ate a 12 oz container of  organic blueberries in one setting between the two of them (it was supposed to last the week).

-He LOVES to clap, he started clapping around 8 months, and it's still one of his favorite things to do, I feel like he really likes music and dancing as well (more than K).

-He does shuffle crawl (if he has too), but mostly he prefers to stand, cruise or walk (with a tiny bit of assistance).

-He is super close to walking, he can easily walk to whatever  he wants with only one of our fingers holding ONE of his hands, but if I try to take that single finger away, he will literally throw a fit. I thought he might be walking by 11 months, because he's been at this stage for a while and is really daring in his cruising from furniture to furniture with no assistance, but he's not. And honestly, walking is not some fete that makes your mom life easier, so it's all good.

-He mostly loves to stand, cruise and bounce ALL day long.

-Before he was working so hard on his mobility skills. He was hard at work on a few words, mama, dada (old news), cat and (Kea) for Keaton, he would also say hi (if I kept prompting). But now he will mostly only wave, though he is a friendly boy, everyone gets a dimply smile if they try!

-His eczema is still out of control, worse than Keaton's at 11 months, and he's definitely allergic to strawberries, he does have some of the same issue as Keaton, but different (because he's his own).

-I think the best way to describe him though is sweet. I feel like he's a gentle soul. But he's only 11 months, so I'll let you know when the toddler months get into full swing.
All in all, we love this perfect little addition to our fam!

As soon as I set the little stinker down, he flipped around and stood up on the chair, the toddler years begin. So, I had to include this one.
Here he's telling you, "this is my monkey...George"
Happy Boy!
As soon as I tried to have him pose with the basket, he wanted to show his wall walking skills.
When I actually made him stop and put him in the basket. I got this... I honestly love it, even that pitiful face is so precious to me. "Mom, I was playing...Wah!"
We love you Mister B.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beckham's 9th and 10th months

Right now this app Time Hop is really popular. It shows you photos from exactly one year ago, so you can enjoy your own little Time Hop.
Well, Beckham turned 11 months 5 days ago, so we took photos and as we did. I realized I hadn't posted his 9 month photos or 10 month photos and they were all sitting side by side on my camera, and talk about a time hop.

I cannot believe how much he has changed. He's losing his baby-ness. He's had a haircut. And literally it happened in like a month, because he was chilling in the baby stage for quite awhile.
If you've read my blog for any length of time. You'll know I did the monthly posts for Keaton and fully intended on doing them for Beckham, but since I can barely remember what we ate for dinner last night, I'm not going to try and make up details about B's 9th and 10th month. Instead I'm just gonna show you how cute he was. Beckham if you're reading this one day in the future (or maybe your future wife). I'm really sorry and I really do love you to pieces, despite my faithfulness in talking about your baby awesomeness.

9 month little man

10 months (not too happy about our photo shoot, NO smiles for mama)

And this last photo is just too hilarious because Keaton was throwing an outright tantrum that I was only taking pictures of Beckham, so he had to come pose in his pajamas. Holding the basket like Beckham. I laughed about this all day. :D
Love you B, you are growing up to be quite the boy!

So This Happened....

I started working full time in May, which is why my last post was in May. This is also why the last time I went to yoga was in May, and why my bathrooms haven't been deep cleaned since you guessed it (May). I am delicately doing a great job in my opinion juggling full time work and my babies, but some things have had to go, some things I didn't want to drop, but I don't know how to fit them all. So, for this season, this is where we are....
The church I work for hired someone full time to watch my babies. Someone whom I love and my kids love, and I get to be close and eat lunch with them everyday, and I'm right there if anything happens. There is always give and take in the hard decisions of life....
On that note, I'm gonna write the last 5 blog posts that I never got to write, since I seem to have a minute and the next minute I might have will be in (you guessed it) September.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Keaton at 2 1/2

Keaton at 2 1/2  is a passion ball. He is passionate about everything he does loving, cuddling, negotiating, hitting, playing, questioning, bullying, temper tatruming (I just made that a word).
He has a strong personality, a natural leader, a charismatic and magnetic personality. I would go so far to say that people probably love him or are totally annoyed by him. Most people love his antics, his silliness, his craziness, his screaming and sassing and running around like a boss. But if a loud, boisterious, all boy rough personality rubs you wrong, then probably they just think, "Keaton is so loud and annoying." :)

He has an insane memory. He can already "read" to me word for word his favorite books (30+ pages) because he remembers things easily.
He will remember the names of my adult friends, or point out cars when we are driving and say, "that's so and so's car", because its a similar model.

Right now you are so into searching for motorcycles. You want to go and find motorcycles everyday. When we find one, you get the most joy filled look on your face. You LOVE animals, that hasn't changed, you love big strong animals (Elephants, Buffalos, Rhinos, but you love your farm animals too), you want to know everything about them. You love playing outside, going for walks and looking for stuff, hunting for stuff. You love technology, a day can't go by without you asking for "your ipad, or your ipod".  You're 2, we remind you that you borrow them from us.

You are obstinate, and bossy. I pray everyday that you will have a more teachable spirit, since we are in the "no, I do it" stage. You get these traits from me, so occasionally we have a battle of the wills. I win, but I don't want to fight, I want to reason, unfortunately 2 year olds  mostly lack that ability.

You are very protective of your brother, and your mama, and your stuff. I took a pie in the face for a competition at church, and you were so upset for me. You literally talked for hours about it, randomly reminding us that you "did not like the pie" and "you were crying for mama". Despite your sometimes rough exterior you are very empathetic, that was actually a trait I recognized in you rather early on, and it still remains. You can be such a bully, but if someone is actually hurt, no matter the reason, you are the first to rush and say, "oh, I sorry." "are you ok?'

You know all your uppercase letters, and almost all your lowercase, just a few b,d,p confusions and you can count into the teens. You've known all your colors and shapes for a long while. You are pretty close to wanting to formally know how to read you identifying letters everywhere we go and you'll say, "e is for egg AND elephant" and so on.

I can't just brag on you like that, without saying that you are also a handful. You are possessive, and down right vindictive if you don't get your way, telling me, "no, stay away" when you are mad. You are lover and a fighter. But mostly a lover, you love the world and everything in it with unbridled passion. And it sure does make it fun to be your mama. As much as I try to appreciate every moment, they slip away so fast. But today in my mind, this is just how I remember you. Love you!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Embrace the Camera

OK, so truth out I hate posting pictures of myself. So quick to be critical of my appearance. My hairs too blonde, my bangs are in my face, I'm windblown, I'm squinting weird...
But one of the blogs I've read for a long time. The Anderson Crew has a thing she does called Embrace the Camera, where instead of just taking pics of your kids, you actually get in a photo with one of them. She's done it forever, and usually I just glaze by the idea. But there is some truth to it. What if God forbid, something happened to me, and my kids had 17,532 of themselves on my computer and none of us together. In a very weird and crazy way, they might not remember me at all, based on their ages. They would cherish the idea of me "embracing the camera". 
A beautiful photo of me snuggling them tight.
So, this post just got serious.... quick. I wasn't even meaning to go there.
But the point is the same, even when your kids become adults they will love to one day look back and see photos of you loving on them. We took some outside when Keaton was about this same age, and I still love those photos of us. So, yes these weren't planned. I just happened to have the camera out, and Keaton was napping and Beckham was awake, and my hair isn't perfect, and Beckham IS drooling. But we're together and that's the point. So, embrace the camera, one day your kids may be so happy you did!

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