Sunday, December 21, 2008

ba hum bug

So, Jake and I had a wonderful Christmas vacation planned starting today... We got up at 5:30am ready for a day of jolly holiday travel to meet Jake's family in TN. However, Chicago O'Hare airport had another plan in mind. There plan was that they would cancel all our flights and trap us in their dirty airport that barely even has a foodcourt. So, thank you O'hare for really sticking it to us this holiday season.
And of course Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

December's Hustle N Bustle

Ok, so sadly I only made it to Thanksgiving on my last post. It's only December 18th, but so much has happened. Jake's birthday was December 4th. I wanted to throw him a huge out of control surprise party that he would verbally say he hated, but I think secretly love. However, seeing that I didn't get back til CA until like the 28th and I had some of the biggest projects of my semester due the first and the third that didn't happen. Instead we had a few simple friends over and made homemade pizza. If Jake would have gotten to choose, I'm sure he would have holed up in our apartment and played video games all day, but since he does that practically every other day of the week-- I invited friends.

December has been so crazy. I've been trying to finish up all my big projects, while student teaching full time and finishing up night classes. I turned in my last big project last night and it was liberating! Tomorrow is my last day of student teaching and I am a little bit sad. The kids all wrote me goodbye letters today, telling me how much they loved me and thanked me for making them "smarter". I know I said I was gonna post pictures of them, but then my master teacher started talking about the legal issues of posting pictures of the kids online. I'm gonna take a few more pics tomorrow and maybe one will make it's way onto my blog.

Somehow in all that mess, I've been sloppily trying to do some Christmas shopping too. Jake and I are leaving for Tennessee on Sunday too and I still have about 100 things to do. So, hopefully sometime before the new year I'll sneak one more post in... By the way, can you believe it's like 10 days from 2009? Scary.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Second blog in two days... I know, impressive :)

Ok, so I told you last post I went to Austin on my way to Dallas and we had a little shindig, at my good friend Jordan's house... It was super fun, but Austin was just a stop on my trip. So, the next day we packed up to drive to Dallas to go to Crysti Wallace's wedding. But of course I forgot my camera, so I only have pictures of the reception. It was such a great time! I saw people I literally hadn't seen in like 5 years. Tons of people that moved away years ago, all came back for there wedding so it was good fun!!!

After the wedding I spent the rest of my time hopping all over Texas visiting family and friends. I spent Thanksgiving with my family and a lot of the rest of the week with Brittany and her family and some other great friends. I did drive down to Bryan, TX (3 hrs away) to see my other grandparents one day and that was quite fun too. Amidst all this I managed to lock my mom's keys in the trunk (while she was in Hawaii and couldn't help). I saw the movies Twilight and 4 Christmases. I ate Thanksgiving dinner like 3 times. Made two pies. Laughed and stayed up all night. Did no homework. Got a TX driver's license, cause I can't pass the test in California. Went to church. Drove about 1000 miles across TX. And missed Jake a lot because he wasn't along for the fun....

Here are some pics!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm still a blogger...kinda

I know... I know.... I'm like the worst blogger ever, but really I have been tragically busy. Even right now, I absolutely should not be on here. I have like 10 things on my to do list today. Including a 20 page project about my case study child, that really should have been completed like 5 days ago. But I've lost complete motivation to work this weekend, (that's right I started this post on the weekend and it's Tuesday and I still haven't posted) but I'm stalling....
So, I am gonna back track and post a few blogs to catch everyone up. After my birthday I visited TX to go to the wedding of my good friend Crysti Wallace. But I first flew into Austin and visited one of my childhood bf's (Jordan)and then we drove up to Dallas and went to the wedding together!!

Here's are some pics of the night I spent in Austin...

More to come... I promise

Monday, November 17, 2008

Crabby Birthday

Let me just preface this by saying I am exhausted. In the classroom I am now teaching for the whole day, we have parent teacher conferences this week. I have 3 of the most monstrous final projects due that you can imagine (Dec 1). And we are off for a whole week for Thanksgiving. This would be good, except I am going out of town for 8 days without Jake and the Monday/Wednesday after I get back my projects are due (which means I am supposed to find some time while I'm out of town to finish them all up). Did I mention that I actually need to be interacting with my students predominantly to actually complete the projects? And did I mention that since we have Parent/Teacher Conf. that I don't have any extra time to work with the students in the day and that I am leaving on Thursday?
Not to mention it was my birthday weekend, so I did absolutely NOTHING related to my projects on Sunday. I was really good on Saturday and did homework for like 5+ hours. Now, I just need to have a few more of those days and maybe I'll catch up. We'll see how well I fit in all those homework hours on my vacation.

However, on a sweeter note. I went out Friday night for my birthday (after doing several hours of homework before we left, see I'm trying to be good) :) and we went to the place I posted about in my last post.
We really had such a fun time!!! Here are just a few pics. I don't have time to post more.

They gave me this embarrassing hat to wear for like half our meal and of course keep. This was my "crabby birthday".

(Warning: this is not the most exciting video, but it does show the remains of our meal.)

Monday, November 10, 2008


So, I really wanted to post a blog about what Jake and I did on Halloween. Unfortunately, I made the HUGE mistake of leaving my camera charger in Chicago at the hotel where we stayed. And of course the camera I own has only option for how to charge. You have to take the battery out of the camera and stick it into the charger and then plug into the wall. So, I was relying on friends to upload their pictures from that night and they never did. :( So, I will just have to tell you what we did... We carved pumpkins with friends, and passed out candy. This all took place in military housing- so we went through 6 huge bowls of candy because there were literally hundreds of children, it was so crazy!! I made candied apples (s'mores kind and regular),they were of course delicious, I know because I ate half of them! :)
And this weekend is my birthday and I am having all of our friends go to this CRAZY Louisiana seafood kitchen where they bring you your food in a bag and you eat it with your hands. It's probably the messiest meal ever, but SOOOOO fun! It will be very interesting to see some of my girly friends take part in this meal. I am posting a picture from a time before when we went there.

Here we are fully bibbed, so it will be quite fun (I hope) when 15 of our friends are all there this weekend! And yes, I bought a camera charger on ebay, but only time will tell if it will get here in time to take pics of this little extravaganza!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I almost forgot....

After all the fun we had in Chicago... I forgot to tell you that they lost our luggage. Mind you, we got there Friday afternoon for a formal event on Friday evening and then the wedding on Saturday evening. This was of course the WORST possible trip for them to lose our luggage on. So, of course I am freaking out... so we go to customer service and the "best possible thing" in this "worse case scenario" has luckily happened. For whatever reason they didn't load our luggage on our flight, but they realized it and put it on another flight out. So, it was already in process when we went to talk to her.
So, we get up to the counter and I am explaining that I HAVE to have my luggage TONIGHT, no questions asked. I am only here for 2 days and I am not going to go without luggage for one of them. So, like I mentioned before she tells us that our luggage is in passage... And then she says, "ok so when it gets here- within a window of 4 to 6 we will bring it to you". This is at 3 and the luggage is going to get here at 5:30 and then it's gonna take 4 to 6 hours. NOT! So, of course Jake and I wasted our first afternoon in the airport in Chicago waiting for our luggage, so we'd have something to wear to the party. I was so bummed we left @ 4 am only to have a long flight with a layover and then MORE WAITING. As soon as we got our luggage we sped to the Drake Hotel and then got ready in a whirlwind for the party at 8. I captured a moment on video, while we were waiting... Please don't be offended at Jake's commentary.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

An affair to remember

Ok, so as promised here are a few photos from the ever crazy wedding of our amazing friends Justin and Meghan. I will give you just a few photos that I think best sum up everything that happened.

A picture before it all started with friends. Looking so fancy!

The gorgeous ceremony

All the San Diego Coast Guard guys with Meghan.

Right when we walked into the reception.

Our table.

And this is our gold plated place setting

And of course this is the after party. With the hot pink lights, separate room, more food, waterfall and DJ. Not sure what the guys were laughing about.

Oh and did I mention we ate lobster and filet mignon? And that was like our 5th course? I didn't take pics of the food, cause I didn't want to seem too HillBilly. :)
And the last thing I leave you with, is the CRAZY, AMAZING cover band that played
for 3 hours. At the end of the video I am talking to my best friend, Britt cause I took the video for her. :) What a great night!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Search for A Dress

This blog is literally like 2 weeks old, I just have not had time to upload my photos and talk about it, so here we go.
Jake and I last weekend went to the million dollar wedding of some of our friends. The affair was extremely formal and long dresses were the requested attire. Even though I have been a bridesmaid 7 times, Jake quickly shot down all the formal dresses I had but one, and I am not lying. The one he still liked I wore to freshman prom. Shows how much I've changed right! :) Ha, so anyway, Jake had rented a tux and SHOCKINGLY suggested maybe we go look for a dress for me too. So, we went to BCBG (a very upscale clothing store, that has tons of dresses usually in like the $300 dollar range). But amazingly we have the outlet version 30 min from our house. So, Jake and I made an afternoon of it. I first I started out with the pretty $50 and $80 dollar dresses, but Jake was like "what the heck babe", we're never going to a wedding like this again. Let's look at some of the really nice dresses. After this he was bringing me dresses by the armloads to try on. I tried on like 20, but only took pictures of a few. Of course the dress I chose was the LAST dressed I tried on, and it was perfect. I will post pictures of me actually wearing it at the wedding later. :) So, here is the search for a dress.

This first one is the dress from the freshman prom, the one I was planning to wear. :) The rest are at BCBG

This was the dress I finally picked. I loved it! I know I'm not looking to hot in these pics, but I didn't expect to be taking pictures either. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apple Pies and Friends

So, I first have to address that I survived the attack of the wild children's cold, but not before it turned into a deep barking cough last weekend. Luckily, a bottle of Mucinex helped me get through that. And currently I have just the tiniest remains of a little cough, but I feel much better.
However, in the meantime I have done lots of things. I have now taught several subjects at school. Jake and I dogsat for friends for 5 days last week. And last weekend I convinced Jake to go to Julian (a tiny town outside of San Diego known for apple picking, pies, and other types of "fallish" things). To say the least Jake did not really want to go, even though we were going with two of our closest friends, but when Jake got their and realized there was a candy store on every corner, he quickly changed his mind. And since he has actually already mentioned our next trip to Julian.
Before we left we went into an old fashioned Soda Fountain place, where I "did myself in" with way too sweet vanilla soda and a glass of sasparilla (mind you this was after I had eaten caramel apple pecan pie and visited several candy stores).
But regardless it was LOTS of fun!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

burning swollenness

So, it's already happened I've caught the bug.
No, not the baby bug. The little sick bug that kids pass back and forth, back and forth at school.
I was student teaching only through Wednesday (that's my new schedule Mon-Wed) and I woke up Friday morning with that terrible burning sensation in your throat that alerts you that sickness is up ahead. So, I have been trying to kill it for two days now with double daily doses of Airborne and vitamins and vitamin C and then throat numbing drops and Advil to take the ache in my throat away... So I'm not sure what it's gonna turn into or if it's possible thatI might have beaten it with all my herbs, but we will see. Tomorrow will probably tell. And honestly I can deal with a stuffy nose or even a cough, but that fire in your throat, just hurts and makes you want to cry.
Not to mention that I worked out really hard Thursday and Friday to make up for not working out for like the 10 days before that and I am sore all over now.

I will be glad when my body has adjusted to all this newness. But for now, I am off to try to catch some zzz's.

Yes, yes pictures are still to come.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RISE and SHINE (and give God the glory, glory) RISE and SHINE!!!

I know, I know I haven't really updated, but what can I say??? I get up at 5:30 in the morning now and this is something that has NEVER happened in my life. I mean yes, I have gotten up at 5:30 am for the occasional plane flight, Christmas morning as a child and...... and..... and really those are the only two reasons I can think of that I have ever gotten up that early.

So, needless to say I'm adjusting. I mean let me just tell you 5:30 is in a whole other league from 6 am. In fact it's nothing like 6 am, you never knew 30 minutes made such a difference, but it does. Luckily Jake gets up at 5:30 too, so I am not alone and I can feed off his energy. The only downside to this is he is a morning person. SO, he's all poking me and being loud and doing all these things that normal people don't do at 5:30, but that he does because he's been getting up at that time for years.

And let me just say, I'm not mean in the morning. I'm really not even grouchy. I don't even need coffee to be nice. I'm just quiet and I want everyone around me to be quiet too. And for all the people that read this, YOU KNOW I am not quiet at any normal time in the day, but I think there is a certain reverence that 5:30 in the morning deserves.

So, like I said I'm adjusting, but luckily I actually haven't been tired (besides the first 5 torturous minutes that occur right after I wake up), but after that I have totally been good to go. And let me tell you this is a good thing because the kid's in my first grade class are definitely ready to go when school starts at 7:40am.

And I already have one child I want to adopt the smallest first grader EVER Jenny Tran , so cute and I want one just like her) too bad she is Asian and this will be fairly difficult to produce from my own loins.
I WILL DEFINITELY try to post pictures from school later this week....

with love!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

the final stretch

ok so i know i posted 3 blogs tonight... like i said i had a busy weekend. it's not cheating if you make them all separate blogs and pretend like you posted them along the way right??? well tonight is it, my last night of freedom. i finally got a boat load of emails from my teaching professors and to my horror, i think i am going to be having 12 hour days sometimes. not everyday, but at least two days a week I have class til 10 pm. that's right I said it 10 pm.... but God's grace is enough for me!!! right??? well, at least that's what i keep telling myself. so, i did the absolute best thing possible today.....NOTHING. well after going to the grocery store and cleaning up from my wild party and getting my hair trimmed I did nothing. but really i did layout by the pool and put my pj's on at 5 o'clock... not a bad way to spend my last night of freedom.

so, if i don't post for awhile, just remember i posted 3 times this weekend, technically 3 tonight, but we are still pretending i awesomely posted along the way!!! remember? :)

and we all know that nothing exciting happens at school, i mean who really wants to read blogs about school??? but i'll let you know, because according to my email i am student teaching as of next tuesday (SCARY!) so maybe i'll have some stories.

much love. much love!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lingerie Party in all it's glory!

So my good friend Meghan McIntyre is having a fabulous wedding in Chicago in October. But because she is like me (transplanted here from another coast for her man during the wedding plans), you are torn between everything that is back "home" and where you currently live for all your wedding festivities and sometimes miss out on the fun stuff in between, like a good ole lingerie shower. So, OF COURSE because I love her so much I opted to throw one for her and let me just say, we had a grand time!!! I unfortunately was busy hosting and whatnot and did not really get to take any photos, but I am gonna go ahead and post what I got... Maybe I will get more photos from other girls later and add to the fun!!! It might be good I don't have too many photos, some of them might be incriminating of the caliber of games we played. :)
This first photo are bra and panty sugar cookies that I cut out by hand, definitely
my crowning achievement of parties thrown!!!! And yes, there is some lingerie wearing going on in some of those latter photos. I boned myself with that game. :)

Last Day

Ok so I had a really busy weekend, but I don't want to smash all my posts together, so let's go back to Friday....
Friday was my last day with the kids, which luckily because the last thing I did with them was send them off to the beach with their parents for a little party was not that sad... Packing the boogie board in the car, going bowling and the excitement of their first week of school ending took the edge off...

However, one crazy thing did happen my employer (the dad of the family I nannied for) was laid off Thursday, the day before my last day. So, they had already hired a new nanny, but because he is off for the time being (until he finds a new place to practice his specific branch of law), they are holding off on the new nanny. And even though I'm sure he will find a new place to practice soon, if I were still needing a job with them- I might have been jobless for a few weeks too. So, the timing is perfect in my opinion. He gets to be with the kids while they transition back into school and kindergarten for Anna... And even though it's not the best of circumstances, it worked out just as it was supposed to in my opinion...

NOW, FOR A VERY DRAMATIC last day video from Anna.... Now let me just note, she is SUCH a drama queen (the seriousness of the video is all drama!) and I swear this little video is her acting debut.

Monday, August 18, 2008


So this is it... my last week with the kids and next week will be the first (very long and treacherous) week of my credential program. I'm not sad. I know that sounds kind of unwomanly, but I'm not. I knew this was coming and while I feel like I cared for the kids as best I could every moment I was with them. I never allowed myself to become very attached for this reason. Because I knew it was temporary, it's not that I haven't loved them- because I have, but this has also been a job for me and I have treated it accordingly.

I am however a little nervous about school next week. The information I know about what I'll be doing amounts to approximately zilch. I really know nothing. I feel like I'm a freshman in college all over again and it's the first week of school. I barely know anything about my schedule or how my days will play out. This is what I know...

- That there will be a meeting that will explain everything
- That I should plan to be at school or with my teacher from 7 to 7 for the first week of school.

Oh and did I mention that's it??? That's all I know. The planning side of me is going nuts right now. What do I write in my calendar to prepare if I know nothing? Well, I write the date of the meeting for sure. But that doesn't help me feel any less like an awkward 17 year old, fumbling around campus looking for the building the meeting is supposed to be in now does it? Yah so this should be fun... or horrible. I'll let you know.

On another note, one of my favorite things about myspace blogging is at the bottom of the blog it asks you what are you reading right now? Or what are you listening to right now? And then you type in the name of the book or cd or whatever, and you it actually pulls up a small little picture of what the book or cd look like and links people back to it.

So, in the spirit of myspace blogging. I just finished reading "The Power of One" by Bryce Courtenay.... amazing, a definite must read (not a thriller, just sheer good writing.) And I am listening to Hillsong Live: This is our God. And if you have a moment, go watch this on YouTube, this is what made me buy the cd.
(sorry I couldn't make that a link, it wasn't working, but def copy and paste, so worth it.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One is better than none...

So, last week I did so many things with the kids...I went to several museums in Balboa Park (including the model train, so cool!). I went to the Wild Animal Park which is a more authentic extension of the zoo, I went to SeaWorld, I had play dates, doctors appointments and some visits to the library and the YMCA pool... Unfortunately I only took pictures one day out of all those hours together, but one is better than none (or so they say), so here are the pics.

Enjoy! These are all at the wild Animal Park, when we actually saw the cool animals, I had taken my camera to the car. C'est la vie. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008


so this is the last month with my chitlin's i have to come know as "faux" children. because the teaching credential program I will be completing is full time, i can't have a job. well not one unless it's between the hours of 6 and 10 pm and we all know that's just ridiculous... so this week is kinda our last big hang out week. and I will have them all day from like 8 in the morning til 6 when their parents get off of work. because they are going back to school soon this is their big " i get to be a child tourist of san diego week", where they go to all the major parks and what not. this would sound like fun, except that their parents just told them this weekend that I am not coming back this fall. I can only imagine that means that Anna will be crying all week (as she does not deal with change very well) and the fact that she's 5 and anytime we do a major event by 3 in the afternoon she's worn out and cries about everything anyway...

so i will try to post some pictures and let you know how this all pans out.... ahh the joys of "nannyhood" :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the bestest

So, my best friend Brittany and I decided that despite my moving thousands of miles away from her, we would not lose our friendship. Luckily our two men are practically more in best friend love (when they are around each other) than she and I are. This is to our benefit because we devised a plan that we would try to go on vacation every year or every other year... and this is how we would stay "bestest friends".

So, last summer we went to Cancun, Mexico and had about as much fun as you can have, but this year Jake and I already had SEVERAL mini vacations planned not counting our destination wedding in Antigua. But I convinced Britt to believe that San Diego (where we live) is a vacation spot in and of itself and luckily she bought it and said this could count for vacation 08. She loved San Diego, I had her about 50% convinced to move here and the trip was a success. Here is a photo montage of all the fun we had. Sorry there isn't more variety, we had too much fun to take photos!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Explain to me how even when it's somebody else's birthday (not mine in this case), but somebody's birthday whose we are celebrating at my house; how even then men still control the TV and get to watch stupid fighting?.... If it wasn't clear before, I am not a fan of the UFC or it's counterparts. Women should not be forced to watch men fight for 2+ hours, especially on someone else's birthday.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Post Script

This goes with the last blog, I don't know how I could have forgotten it.
It's not appearing on the main page, but if you click and go into the blog, you can see it.
Jake and I went to a wedding in Minnesota this past weekend. Granted we were literally only there for like 64 hours, but we crammed in the entire time with family so it was lots of fun. Here's a behind the scenes picture re-cap of what really went down.

If you didn't catch that, let me just re-iterate pretty much the boys played games and everyone else tried to stay up to par...literally.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The clock is ticking.

So I am pretty much completely busy for the next... as long as I can remember.

Today, I have to pack for Minnesota (this includes getting the suitcases, down from the storage- of which the password combo I cannot open unless I mess with it for at least 20 minutes...literally.)

Then I have nanny this afternoon. Then I have a friend coming in from Texas for a vacation, but since I will be gone this weekend, we are going out tonight.

And then I have to wake up at the crack of crack (4am). To be on my 6 am flight to Minnesota so that we can cram as much as possible into 64 hours with our family. Which is actually kind of fun.

Then next week my best friend is coming to town on Wednesday, but before that happens I have to grocery shop, clean the house like a crazy person (deep clean).

Have a group of girl's over for a Tuesday dinner I already said I would host, because Jake has duty.

And bake Brittany's birthday dessert because she's coming for her birthday. Oh and I forgot to mention I am nannying all three of these days as well.

And then I get to cram as much into like 108 hours as possible because she's only here for a few days. And then I get to rest....

The question is why am I blogging instead of packing, working out, getting ready for the day??? Because it sounds like more fun, that's why!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

just don't get it...

Last night I watched the movie Stop-Loss. I watched it upon the recommendation of a friend who had already told me the premise of the movie, but I still wanted to watch it. Now, Jake my husband is in the military. But he is in the Coast Guard (which is primarily a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of the Defense) which means I really know nothing about the military like a typical "military wife". I just know that have a lot of rules that were put into affect 100's of years ago and are kept out of tradition, not practicality. Not the smartest way to run an operation in my opinion, but Jake loves his

But let me get back to my point... Stop-Loss. Stop-loss is where the military takes a guy who has done his time in service, went to Iraq and maybe Bagdad 3 times and he is OVER IT. Or maybe he's ready to go back to school, or whatever the case he has completed his 4 years or the time that was left on his contract and when he is going to get out of the military they Stop-Loss him. They tell him no, you cannot get out. You're basically being "drafted" back in and if you try to ignore it, it is the same as going AWAL, no matter what. In the movie they referred to it as the backdoor draft, because men already trained and ready are forced back into service. Service or Jail, those are pretty much your options. And the movie ended with currents facts about people who have been Stop-Lossed. The facts said that 650,000 people have gone to Iraq due to the "war" or whatever this is and 30,000 more to Afghanistan. And out of the people that have JUST gone to Iraq 81,000 have been Stop-Lossed (forced to go back overseas even though they completed their tour and their time in the military.)

I just couldn't get over this. How??? I kept asking, how can they do that? HOW? Jake responded, "baby when you are property of the military, they can do whatever they want." But I retorted, they are not property any longer, there time is UP. And then retorted with something about fine print... and in a time of war... they can do what they want.... But I was outraged. I just watched 2 hours of men dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Death and then they have to go back, because of fine print... I didn't get it. And I was sad.

There has also has been a lot of attention in the news about women in the military that are being killed by men in the military. There have been 3 murders this year, and after watching that movie I wasn't surprised at all. These guys on the front lines when they come back, they think the world is a video game and you can just kill whoever pisses you off or gets in your way. When you are surrounded by violence, degradation of women, killing and death in other countries, it's no surprise that some of these people don't know how to return to "normal" life when they come back home.

It made me really sad.

War makes me sad.

I have been a semi-pacifist since college. Not a full one, because I'm not dumb enough to believe war won't exist (it hasn't ever NOT existed), but I am under the impression that if we follow Jesus we choose peace, which in turn makes you pacifistic.

So war makes me sad. Last week's Extreme Makeover Home Edition, (where the Marine lost his legs in battle) and is now raising his 4 children alone, is reason enough for me to never have war again.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Child of the Blogging Generation

So, I know blogging is relatively new to a lot of folks, but being a product of the late 20th century like I am. I have been online just about as long as I can remember or at least as long as it's been important to be in minute-to minute contact with your friends AKA Jr. High/Middle School (I believe it was 1995 to be exact). :)  I had dial-up AOL and quickly after that I had an obession with IM Chat. I would stay up til like 1 or 2 in the morning chatting with friends that I would see the next day. Along with my internet habit also came a membership to ICQ, Diaryland, Xanga and of course are more recent counter-parts Myspace and Facebook. I blogged all through high school as "unknowngirl" on Diaryland and I'm sure you could look me up and still see 100's of posts, if Diaryland still exists. :P In fact, I know I belonged to some other "blogging" sites back then, I just can't remember the names. And we are talking PRE pictures, and when Xanga finally let you put pictures, you had to pay to put them up. My how far we've come...
But the main point is that I am not a consistent blogger. In fact the times when I blogged the most have been times in my life when I had loads to un-load. And I've always been that way when I feel sad or like noone can hear me, I want to write. But when times are good I find myself thinking, what would I blog about? I lack inspiration unless I'm sad and then words pour out of  me. How sad is that?  And yes, my life is interesting to me, but I don't know if anyone else will find the children I nanny for quite so entertaining . ( I mean c'mon there not even my own, it kind of kills a story.) But everybody I know has been blogging lately and last week I actually posted a blog on MySpace.... So, I thought I would just jump on the band wagon one more time and join Blogger. I mean it's not like one more membership will really change the fact that I have already have like 20. So, if I don't blog often, I warned you.

But the really dirty thing in all this is that I read several other blogs daily or at least once or twice a week. And if they fail to blog for awhile, I get impatient. I think to myself, "why aren't they blogging? Don't they know I want to read their blog?" Which is horrible I know,  I'm a bit of a hypocrite.  What can I say? But you never know maybe, (occasionally) I will find some way to blog about my life in San Diego and my crazy husband and it won't even require me to be sad.  
Ok so that's that. Now, I've posted and I can be a hypocrite for awhile.
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