Monday, August 25, 2008

the final stretch

ok so i know i posted 3 blogs tonight... like i said i had a busy weekend. it's not cheating if you make them all separate blogs and pretend like you posted them along the way right??? well tonight is it, my last night of freedom. i finally got a boat load of emails from my teaching professors and to my horror, i think i am going to be having 12 hour days sometimes. not everyday, but at least two days a week I have class til 10 pm. that's right I said it 10 pm.... but God's grace is enough for me!!! right??? well, at least that's what i keep telling myself. so, i did the absolute best thing possible today.....NOTHING. well after going to the grocery store and cleaning up from my wild party and getting my hair trimmed I did nothing. but really i did layout by the pool and put my pj's on at 5 o'clock... not a bad way to spend my last night of freedom.

so, if i don't post for awhile, just remember i posted 3 times this weekend, technically 3 tonight, but we are still pretending i awesomely posted along the way!!! remember? :)

and we all know that nothing exciting happens at school, i mean who really wants to read blogs about school??? but i'll let you know, because according to my email i am student teaching as of next tuesday (SCARY!) so maybe i'll have some stories.

much love. much love!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lingerie Party in all it's glory!

So my good friend Meghan McIntyre is having a fabulous wedding in Chicago in October. But because she is like me (transplanted here from another coast for her man during the wedding plans), you are torn between everything that is back "home" and where you currently live for all your wedding festivities and sometimes miss out on the fun stuff in between, like a good ole lingerie shower. So, OF COURSE because I love her so much I opted to throw one for her and let me just say, we had a grand time!!! I unfortunately was busy hosting and whatnot and did not really get to take any photos, but I am gonna go ahead and post what I got... Maybe I will get more photos from other girls later and add to the fun!!! It might be good I don't have too many photos, some of them might be incriminating of the caliber of games we played. :)
This first photo are bra and panty sugar cookies that I cut out by hand, definitely
my crowning achievement of parties thrown!!!! And yes, there is some lingerie wearing going on in some of those latter photos. I boned myself with that game. :)

Last Day

Ok so I had a really busy weekend, but I don't want to smash all my posts together, so let's go back to Friday....
Friday was my last day with the kids, which luckily because the last thing I did with them was send them off to the beach with their parents for a little party was not that sad... Packing the boogie board in the car, going bowling and the excitement of their first week of school ending took the edge off...

However, one crazy thing did happen my employer (the dad of the family I nannied for) was laid off Thursday, the day before my last day. So, they had already hired a new nanny, but because he is off for the time being (until he finds a new place to practice his specific branch of law), they are holding off on the new nanny. And even though I'm sure he will find a new place to practice soon, if I were still needing a job with them- I might have been jobless for a few weeks too. So, the timing is perfect in my opinion. He gets to be with the kids while they transition back into school and kindergarten for Anna... And even though it's not the best of circumstances, it worked out just as it was supposed to in my opinion...

NOW, FOR A VERY DRAMATIC last day video from Anna.... Now let me just note, she is SUCH a drama queen (the seriousness of the video is all drama!) and I swear this little video is her acting debut.

Monday, August 18, 2008


So this is it... my last week with the kids and next week will be the first (very long and treacherous) week of my credential program. I'm not sad. I know that sounds kind of unwomanly, but I'm not. I knew this was coming and while I feel like I cared for the kids as best I could every moment I was with them. I never allowed myself to become very attached for this reason. Because I knew it was temporary, it's not that I haven't loved them- because I have, but this has also been a job for me and I have treated it accordingly.

I am however a little nervous about school next week. The information I know about what I'll be doing amounts to approximately zilch. I really know nothing. I feel like I'm a freshman in college all over again and it's the first week of school. I barely know anything about my schedule or how my days will play out. This is what I know...

- That there will be a meeting that will explain everything
- That I should plan to be at school or with my teacher from 7 to 7 for the first week of school.

Oh and did I mention that's it??? That's all I know. The planning side of me is going nuts right now. What do I write in my calendar to prepare if I know nothing? Well, I write the date of the meeting for sure. But that doesn't help me feel any less like an awkward 17 year old, fumbling around campus looking for the building the meeting is supposed to be in now does it? Yah so this should be fun... or horrible. I'll let you know.

On another note, one of my favorite things about myspace blogging is at the bottom of the blog it asks you what are you reading right now? Or what are you listening to right now? And then you type in the name of the book or cd or whatever, and you it actually pulls up a small little picture of what the book or cd look like and links people back to it.

So, in the spirit of myspace blogging. I just finished reading "The Power of One" by Bryce Courtenay.... amazing, a definite must read (not a thriller, just sheer good writing.) And I am listening to Hillsong Live: This is our God. And if you have a moment, go watch this on YouTube, this is what made me buy the cd.
(sorry I couldn't make that a link, it wasn't working, but def copy and paste, so worth it.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One is better than none...

So, last week I did so many things with the kids...I went to several museums in Balboa Park (including the model train, so cool!). I went to the Wild Animal Park which is a more authentic extension of the zoo, I went to SeaWorld, I had play dates, doctors appointments and some visits to the library and the YMCA pool... Unfortunately I only took pictures one day out of all those hours together, but one is better than none (or so they say), so here are the pics.

Enjoy! These are all at the wild Animal Park, when we actually saw the cool animals, I had taken my camera to the car. C'est la vie. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008


so this is the last month with my chitlin's i have to come know as "faux" children. because the teaching credential program I will be completing is full time, i can't have a job. well not one unless it's between the hours of 6 and 10 pm and we all know that's just ridiculous... so this week is kinda our last big hang out week. and I will have them all day from like 8 in the morning til 6 when their parents get off of work. because they are going back to school soon this is their big " i get to be a child tourist of san diego week", where they go to all the major parks and what not. this would sound like fun, except that their parents just told them this weekend that I am not coming back this fall. I can only imagine that means that Anna will be crying all week (as she does not deal with change very well) and the fact that she's 5 and anytime we do a major event by 3 in the afternoon she's worn out and cries about everything anyway...

so i will try to post some pictures and let you know how this all pans out.... ahh the joys of "nannyhood" :)
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